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My mom is visiting Okinawa right now, and the thing to do is visit the aquarium. It is about an hour and a half drive up the island, so we stopped in at our local FamilyMart for snacks and drinks for the road trip. Since we got a car I have not been as diligent in dropping in to see what new drinks the conbini has, and was happy to see this on the shelf.

After some deliberation between this and a white grape Fanta, I finally got the chocolate wonderland soda. It is a special limited edition release (of course) for Valentines Day. I am not sure what I expected, but I did not think it would be good. But it was!

The taste is shockingly accurate; like a fizzy cold cocoa. Very desserty. It is near colourless which really threw me, but the flavour is refreshing and nice, yet still chocolate rich. Would be great as a float, or as popsicles.

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Food: Asia and japan and japanese vending machine drinks26 Oct 2010 07:25 am

Tonight, on our way home from our Japanese lesson, Mike and I stopped at a konbini (convenience store.)

While there, I got a pumpkin ice cream from Haagen Daz (not that good. It literally was pumpkin ice cream with no spicing or cinnamon. Blah.), Mike got a pickled ginger soda (tastes like regular ginger ale, he said) and I saw a unique to Japan entity I had to get: the limited edition food item.

Every so often you may read about some weird flavour of chocolate bar or drink from Japan. There was a cucumber Pepsi a few years ago and Kit Kats come in all flavours under the sun from apple to butter corn and lemon vinegar. I know, right? Normally these come out in the spring and fall.

While I always look for weird Kit Kats, I have yet to see one. However, the drink I saw tonight was Mont Blanc Pepsi. It is fall here (although it does not feel it) and the stores are full of apples and chestnuts, which they like to use in desserts. Mont Blanc is a crazy chestnut flavoured pastry available in bakeries here and is whipped cream and pureed chestnut filling, meant to resemble France’s Mont Blanc peak.

The drink is suppose to taste like nuts and snow, which is exactly how I want a drink to taste.

See the resemblance between the dessert and the mountain?

Pepsi Mont Blanc tastes faintly nutty, quite creamy and is not as sweet or thick as a normal Pepsi. Honestly: pretty good. I will probably have another bottle of this stuff before it disappears from the combini shelves forever. It was just released today, so I guess I got lucky.

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Technically this is not a vending machine drink. Tetrapack cups like this are normally only seen in convenience stores, but whatever.

This coffee is from the Seattle (American?) chain Tully`s. There are a few brands that use popular American coffee chains to sell their liquid caffeine. I am not sure if they are legitimate partnerships or not, but the coffees do taste a bit better as well as cost a bit more. They are kind of the premium items in the cooler of the convenience store.

The coffee was rich but a bit bitter for my tastes. However, it was not thin and tasteless like most of Japanese coffees. It was a latte, so there was a bit of milk in it, but I like a thicker taste, so I added some cream and sugar and it was pretty decent, actually.

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Because Japan is well known for its vending machines and because Okinawa is steaming hot and I have occasion to drink many different drinks in a day, I will start a new feature about the different drinks I try here: drink-a-day

I read about this drink in the news, oddly enough. The company (DyDo) that makes it released it as a special edition after teaming up with Morinaga, a company well known for its pancake mixes. I spent a few days combing vending machines looking for it. Finally, down a side alley in Naha I found this elusive drink: pancakes and syrup in a can.

It was cold and thick, tasting vaguely of vanilla and maple syrup. Not chunky, just smooth; like a milk shake. Pretty forgettable to be honest, but the oddness of breakfast in a can obviously worked on me, and they got my 110 yen. Maybe it is better hot?