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Crafts etc and General03 Jan 2009 08:41 am

Perhaps the most exciting purchase in Las Vegas was a lucha libre (aka mexican free wrestling) mask (or mascara) from the event we went to December 13 in Primm, Nevada. I couldn’t understand a word that was being said since it was all in spanish, but I did know that at $20 this awesome mask was a steal.

lucha libre mask

Crafts etc26 Nov 2008 12:01 pm

In the days following my grandmother’s death, family members converged upon Thunder Bay. There was the funeral, the get-togethers…and the choosing of the items.

I’m not sure if you’ve ever had to do this, God forbid you have. This is one of the rituals that you can never really know what it will feel like until it happens. It’s when you decide what you want to keep from the deceased person’s belongings. Books, coffee mugs, blankets, photos. To me, sentimental items meant the most.

One of my cousins asked for some vintage guns my grandparents hunted with. Another wanted an old moose ashtray that held coins for many years after my gran stopped smoking. I got an old Kodak Brownie camera. My brother asked for the old dry goods tins my Gran had for many years sitting on her counter. She was an avid baker and kept them topped up with sugar, flour and the ever-essential coffee.

I realized that I, too, would have liked to have them, so it’s probably for the best that they had been gotten rid of years earlier, as there may have been a tussle over them.

Much to my pleasure, I was at a estate sale when I spied the exact same tins my Gran had. They weren’t in as good of shape as hers, and the paint colour was not my favourite, but I figured I could take care of that.

The tins, as purchased.

The tins, as purchased.

After applying some primer and then some red spray paint that got all over and almost froze my finger to the spray tip (“Krylon touch,” my ass) on the porch-atio, they were looking okay.

After a coat of paint and a re-Sharpieing of the names

Candy apple red paint and a re-Sharpieing of the names

Coffee? Not in this house. Probably brown sugar instead.

I also used the opportunity to clean off our dumping zone, a.k.a. the top of the fridge so the tins would have a new home. Everything in the house seems to visit this zone from time to time. You can see that I camouflaged all the crap at the back with stuff at the front:

However, the after product pleases me much more, and has the bonus of reminding me of my Gran.

Cleaner and neater!

Cleaner and neater!

Overall, the project went well. Doing it in warmer weather probably would have helped with spray-paint finger-freeze. There are some patches and drips, so I might redo one of the tins, but overall, they look alright.

Tory; I’ll keep an eye open for a set for you!

Project cost:

  • $5 for tins at sale
  • $11.18 for spray primer and paint
Crafts etc and General23 Nov 2008 09:57 pm

Okay this is actually kind of a cop out because these images are from my old blog, but I love them so much I must post them again. Both were done when I was 5 years old.

Self portrait, age 5

“Martian with glasses”

Self portait. Also done at age 5.

“Self portrait”

Crafts etc25 Apr 2008 01:03 am

This may be something you don’t know about me, but I love me some googly eyes. They’re just so…googly! Tonight I hit the motherlode of googliness and found a variety of googly eyed posts on the internet.

There is the completely edible googly eyed flying spaghetti monster….

And also the googly eyed ‘nilla wafer.

Also edible. Both are from Evil Mad Scientist.

There is also googlyeyewatch, which may be my favorite blog of the moment (it’s up against some stiff competition, too!)

Or, from the same blog, google eyed salt.

Of course there are also google eyed swizzle sticks from the 60s, a kinda creepy google eyed necklace pendant on Etsy…but perhaps my favorite is this SNL skit with Christopher Walken in it [via Craftzine]

Also, never call them wiggle eyes, okay?

Crafts etc14 Apr 2008 10:24 pm

There have been a lot of announcements in my life lately. I mean, not my own announcements, but those directed at me. Mostly babies and weddings, so I’m glad I found an appropriate ecard site that allows me to express my utter joy and yet my deepest sarcasm and Kelly-ness. A little different than your average Hallmark or Blue Mountain card, here folks. Check them out: someecards.

Perhaps you’ve been on the receiving end of one of these lately, and I hope you find them as incredibly funny as I do.

Here are some of my favorite ones that I’m feeling at work lately.

Fact: I will run to Starbucks for everyone in the newsroom, but refuse to let anyone take my order. My drinks are long and awkward and even I feel sad when I make them.

I’ve created a monster.

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