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Twice a year, the White House opens their gardens to the public for tours, once in the spring and once in the fall. Tickets are free, you just have to wait in line to get a ticket, then come back at the predetermined time on it to gain access. As the Canadian Embassy no longer helps you get access to the White House interior, this was as close as I was going to get, so I was up early on a Saturday to get a ticket. The early hour was worth it!

There are a number of tickets, as they let about 150 people or more through every half hour, starting at 9am and ending at 4pm.

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I took a number of photos of things like the West Wing, Rose Garden and the presidential putting green, but I was most interested in the First Lady’s vegetable garden. Only three first ladies have maintained veggie gardens at the White House throughout its history – Eleanor Roosevelt, Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama have all had gardens on the property, but Michelle’s is the biggest.

There is a bee hive that produces honey for the White House…

There are 50 varieties or so of produce, and the harvest this year totaled more than 1,000 pounds, all of which is used in the White House. There is a wide range of items, from bok choy to salad greens, artichokes, tomatoes and more.

These were a special heirloom variety of bean, cultivated from Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello property. Hence the quote.

(Can you see the masses of people behind me? It’s a popular tour!)

This past weekend I visited Arlington Cemetery, too. I’ve been twice now, and I went specifically to catch some fall color before hurricane Sandy blows all the leaves away. It wasn’t as colorful as I had hoped, but there were still some shots to be made.

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I really like Arlington. It’s a powerful place, and huge. Over 400,000 people are buried there, over 12 acres I believe. I spent a lot of time at Section 60, which is the area where those who died serving in Iraq and Afghanistan are buried. It’s incredibly active, as families and loved ones visit those they have lost. I hope to return atleast one more time before I leave D.C.

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  1. on 12 Nov 2012 at 8:33 pm Michiko kase

    Hi kelly
    This is michiko. I am very happy to see you in good shape.Can I say that.Maybe wrong.but you understand what I mean.
    What a beatiful colored leaves are.
    Sui in NY is fine. Thank you for your concern about her. she said Sandy is more scary than typhoon in Okinawa.Toki /my daughter in Tokyo is going to visit NY 14 Nov.~21.
    I want them to see you in D.C.