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Our trip did not start off well. I had been looking forward to seeing Hong Kong and my parents for months…and I came down with a pretty desperate case of the flu Friday night. I dedicated all my energy to getting better, and even as I scraped myself out of my bed to pack a few hours before our flight left on Sunday, poor Mike was fighting off the bug.


This pile of blankets is Mike.

At the airport, I encountered something I have never had to contend with before in my time in Japan…only one vending machine to choose from. I settled for this aloe cube and white grape drink. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t exactly good or what I was looking for either. Sigh.

We got food on the flight – I think. This grey stuff is supposed to be Japanese chicken. Hong Kong Express was otherwise a pretty great airline. Food on a flight under three hours is pretty amazing. Even if it is inedible.

After rendezvousing with my parents at the airport (their flight from Bangkok landed a half hour before ours) and heading for the hotel, we went out for food. We went to one of Hong Kong’s many cooked food markets. Sadly, it was kind of underwhelming.


It reminded me of the Singapore covered food markets, but a less awesome. We ended up at a BBQ meat stand and after a lot of miming got some goose. Or maybe it was duck. We are still not sure. English was not very rampant in this place, despite being pretty common in other areas.

My mom…my poor mom. She braved some sort of Hainanese chicken rice. It was cold. It was salty. It was bloody.

But, in a very brave food front, she ate it. She has gotten really amazing about trying different kinds of food, especially since visiting us in Japan. I am so proud of her.

End of day 1 ended with a tour of Langham Place shopping center and a stop in at a pretty great little candy shop … with one of the bitchiest clerks I have had the displeasure of dealing with. Guess all the sugar goes on the treats.

Day two was a bit better…

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  1. on 14 May 2011 at 5:39 pm Joyce

    eee…that chicken doesn’t look tasty.
    i hope you were able to go to the outdoor “ladies market mong kok” and not indoor mong kok. the indoor one looks slightly depressing…=)