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After carrying on here about the fabulous burgers at Japanese chain Freshness Burger, friend and fellow blogger Ron casually mentioned we should “check out Gordie’s sometime.” Eventually we got around to visiting a few weeks ago, and I really wish we had taken the advice seriously and jetted over there as soon as possible. Gordie’s is great.

The restaurant has a surfside cottage kind of feel, full of whitewashed wood, old windows and vintage touches in the decor…including the very blender I think my parents owned for a few decades.

My modest burger and…

Mike’s monster burger, replete with bacon hanging out like a dog’s panting tongue.

With a modest selection of burgers, hot dogs and the traditional accompaniments such as onion rings and shakes, Gordie’s keeps it simple.

We ordered a couple of burgers, a side of rings and I got a shake. The burgers came out quickly, smelling meaty and delicious. The shake took a few more moments; they seemed to be fighting with the thick drink in the blender. They added some ice and it had not crushed properly, so inbetween slurps of cookies and cream shake there were chunks of ice to spit out.

Luckily this was the only off thing about the meal. The burgers had homemade buns, and an array of delicious mayos and sauces in them. The patties were a fresh, if coarse grind. But they really hit the spot. The rings were salty and crispy, made fresh as well.


Gordie’s got the thumbs up from the resident burger expert, and so a new number one burger on Okinawa was crowned.

‪Gordie’s Burgers
open 11am – 10pm daily
Chatan, Okinawa

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