Food and Food: Asia and japan02 Mar 2011 10:36 pm

Another “had to buy them”…though not immediately. I saw these the other day and thought about them for a full day before I finally purchased them out of curiousity market research.

These are part of a “PariPari” variation limited edition release from snack maker Calbee in conjunction with Yuichi Kimura, a Japanese comedian and actor. He has two flavours out, an azuki bean matcha cake variety and the odder mocha cocoa kind. Other kinds in the series have included yakitori, ceasar salad, plum leaf, honey parsley lemon butter (yes, all four flavours together), plum kimchi, ponzu, fried egg…

I got the mocha cocoa ones. I think the weirdest thing about these chips is the texture. They are not real potato slices, the texture is more like Pringles; reconstituted potato mash formed into chip like shapes. They taste and smell sweet, but there is a coffee coating on them which hits your tongue with a bitter snap. So, they are bitter and sweet as he proclaims on the package. The first chip was really weird, but then I got into them. Now I have had atleast 10 and my stomach is kind of doing flips, and not in the good way. I gotta stop eating them…they may keep me up all night!

Here is a bit of background on them and short videos with Kimura hawking his chips.



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  1. on 03 Mar 2011 at 10:37 pm Passionate Chip Lover

    These are terrible. The only reason I ate two is that I had to double check that my tongue wasn’t broken.