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I have made a few new friends since moving to Japan, and one of those fine friends is a girl named Kate. We share many of the same interests; blogging, drinking tea, fashion, improving and adapting to our new jobs, and food…including ramen.

I am definitely not an expert. I just know that I like savoury broths and noodles. Hell, until last week I had not even had actual ramen in Japan, just soba and udon. Kate promised she would take Mike and I to a “really good” noodle joint halfway between our homes. And also near to one of the freakiest pachinko parlours on the island.

Eeek! This thing haunts my dreams.

However, it was Valentines Day, and it was a cold one. We rushed inside to the steamy ramen parlour and embraced the heat and warmth. Kate gave us a run down on her recommendations. She got a set, with some delicious fried rice (it is called chahan here) and some gyoza, as well as the big bowl of shoyu ramen.

I followed suit and got a deep bowl of shoyu ramen, but not as a set.

The broth was earthy, tangy and meaty, clearish and quite light, based on soy sauce (hence the name.) Fufu also has shio or salt, tonkotsu (not to be confused with tonkatsu) and miso broth. 

In addition to the discs of pork and sprinkling of green onions, there were some crunchy bamboo shoots and nori floating around. And the noodles were very fine indeed, freshy and tender, with a bit of spring.

This was Mike’s deluxe bowl of poko (we think?) ramen. It had a breaded pork piece soaking in the broth, and a rich egg. This is right up Mike’s alley. I will be surprised if he ever order anything else there again.

Condiments to adorn your meal with, although I did not feel my bowl needed anything.

Simple menu with the main ramen types across the top; tonkotsu, shoyu, miso and shio at the end.

Fufu is great value and very delicious. It is also wonderfully warming on cold nights, and I felt toasty warm and cozy all night after inhaling a bowl.

I am excited to try a few other kinds of ramen from around the country soon. I heard Sapporo-style is great, and that ramen jiro is in a class all unto itself. But until then, there is Fufu. We ate there twice last week.

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  1. on 02 Mar 2011 at 10:39 am Kate

    OMG… FuFu craving alert!!!! Let’s go! Thanks for the shoutout 🙂