Food and Food: Asia and japan01 Mar 2011 09:29 pm

* Author’s note: I could have sworn that this post already went up, but for some reason it is in my drafts pile. Strange. So I am republishing it and another post.

Yesterday I went for a run down the fields that held sugarcane just two weeks ago but are now dotted with cherry trees in full bloom. It is an otherworldly experience. However, the sad news is that the cherry blossoms have already started to fade here on Okinawa. We are the first spot in Japan to start to see the phenomenon, and the blooms continue traveling north into the colder regions later in the spring.

The madness is starting to spread though and as Valentines Day has ended, cherry blossom decorations and food items have popped up virtually everywhere, overnight. This morning I noticed Starbucks had their sakura items out; mugs, tumblers, macarons, cake…and the Sakura Latte. I got one very small one in addition to my regular Saturday morning indulgence, just to try it.

The verdict? Ugh!

In past years, this was called the Sakura Steamer, and I think it should return to being called that, because that is what it is. There is no coffee in this, it is a cinnamon dashed fruity (cherry, I suppose) flavoured milk beverage. Maybe better as a frappuccino? I am not a fan.

Although I find the baked goods at Japanese Starbucks to be far superior to those in North America, I did not try any of the special cherry blossom cakes or sweets. I did, however, stop at a new bakery nearish to our place, and they had some amazing pastries, including TWO kinds of croissant. Suck on THAT, Duchess. 😉

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