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I am alternately excited and nervous when I am invited into the personal home of a member of the community here. It is no small gesture, and I often feel like I need to prepare for the event.

For Chinese New Year, we were invited to the home of one of Mike’s pottery teachers. The house was full of people of all ages coming and going, beer, oranges and food. Lots of food.

Just photos this time. It is really interesting to see how people eating sushi at home serve and eat it. There was a mix of seafood, vegetables and pork, as well as Okinawan favourites and more classically Japanese dishes.

Crab and vegetable salad to start

Mixed platters of scotch eggs, maki rolls, atsuage tofu (bricked tofu, fried), tempura, root vegetables.

Vinegared sashimi in the center, ringed by sashimi.

An Okinawan nimono, or simmered dish of pork and daikon.

Maki rolls of tofu, root vegetables such as the very delicious burdock root and vinegared rice.

Later, there was hot zenzai, a dessert dish of savoury fibrous azuki beans in a sweet syrup with glutinous mochi balls, and an agar agar based jelly dessert with fruit. For the kids, roasted soybeans for mamemaki or a ritual this time of year meant to drive out evil from the new year and bring luck in. The kids throw the beans at a member of the family dressed up like a demon to symbolize this. The members of this house also ate the number of beans equal to their age.

It was a nice way to ring in the Lunar New Year.

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  1. on 17 Feb 2011 at 7:19 pm Kate

    Nice photos! I had some burdock root at the wedding I was at last week… OISHIKATTA! And that’s really cool you got to go to one of these parties.