Food and Food: Asia and japan12 Feb 2011 12:59 pm

When things started to cool off here and turn to fall, I remember hearing a horrible wail in the streets. It was like the sound someone made when they are in deep mourning, praying, crying, voice strained against the pain within. I could not decipher any of the words being said. I looked out the window expected to see a sort of funeral procession, perhaps. Elections had just wrapped up and so I even though it was one of the candidates taking to the streets in a van with a loudspeaker as they love to do here.

But, all I saw was a small truck that appeared to be selling something. Chestnuts? I thought. I went back to huddling under blankets and thought no more of it.

Then a few weeks later, the sound returned, louder than before. I looked off the patio, camera in hand this time, and saw the little truck again. As my language skills duplicate weekly here (do not get excited, 2 words doubled is still only 4 words) I could barely make out the song being sung…but I heard “…-imo, yaki-imo…” which I recognized from school; baked sweet potatoes and potatoes!

Although I had just eaten dinner and was not hungry, I would have liked to indulge in one of the fresh hot potatoes that are cooked OVER OPEN FLAME in the back of the truck. Safety conscious? Not so much. Delicious? So I hear. Especially during the cold winter months.
Here is a recording of the truck’s wail. If you listen carefully you can hear the kids riding by the bikes at the start singing along with the truck. Still creeps me out to hear this song though. The one played in super markets is much less…menacing.

One Response to “what is that horrible sound? oh, just the baked potato truck man”

  1. on 17 Feb 2011 at 7:17 pm Kate

    LOL! Why does my neighborhood not get visited by the yaki-imo man? 🙁