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While checking out nearby outlet shopping and a grocery store nearby with my mom one night in Tomiton in Tomoshiro City (a newish area south west of Naha,) we were beckoned by a large neon ice cream cone to a location selling the Okinawan favourite, Blue Seal ice cream.

Production of Blue Seal started in 1948 on Okinawa, when Formost brought their ice cream making equipment to satisfy the American soldiers on the bases here. In 1976 they spread their product offbase to the rest of Okinawa, and a legend was born.

Blue Seal remains very popular on Okinawa, especially for tourists during brain meltingly hot summer days. They offer an array of original Okinawa flavours, including shiquasa citrus, goya (bittermelon) salt cookie, sugarcane, sweet potato and various tropical fruits. It is a nice combination of weird Japan and classic America.

They have a $35 multi scoop ice cream bowl dubbed “Big Mountain” that would probably feed 10 people but I think would make a great eating contest conquest.

Some of the more tropical flavours in single serving take home sizes; Banana Papaya Coconut, Coconut and Sugarcane.

I got Caramel Macchiato flavour. The ice cream tasted of real espresso and was very creamy, fresh and rich.

My mom got soft serve which was very fresh and a bit tangy.

This location has a kind of Dairy Queen “Hot Eat/Cool Treats” thing going on and offers crepes, burgers, pasta, hot dogs and bubble tea with soft serve. Mike’s mango bubble tea was good, but quite sweet.

Blue Seal Big Dip
Various locations all over the island
Tomiton Location open 10-22:00 daily

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