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I was alerted to this wonderful cafe by Ron, who happens to live in a nearby neighbourhood and knows all the happenings in Agarihama and Agarizaki in south central Okinawa. The cafe, called Moon Terrace, has all the hallmarks of a wonderful regular spot: steps from the beach, lovely comfortable decor, housemade desserts and Illy coffee. It is also really close to one of my favourite 100 Yen stores and a huge hardware/sundry items Kanehide store that I have taken to calling the Japanese Tire, because it is so much like a Canadian Tire store, only merchandised well and with pets!

Some other teachers and I went recently on a very glum rainy Monday and sipped up delicious lattes while snacking upon chocolates and light lunches. There was an exceedingly helpful member of staff eager to practice her English and provided English menus, and she told us they are trying to work on getting the most coveted of cafe offerings these days: Wi-Fi.

The food menu is heavily European with many kinds of salad and pastas, as well as curries and fish dishes. The coffees and chocolate were divine, and I look forward to returning for lunch and a slice of their chocolate cake one day. Everyone complimented the lunches they had as well.

Soup and pasta specials for the day, including a kabocha/pumpkin soup and a pasta. The server translated everything for us, which was very kind.

Lots of natural light and a huge aquarium filled with tetras to watch. There is ample indoor seating, but also a large wooden deck that I am sure is absolutely charming on beautiful summer nights.

They have chocolates shipped from mainland Japan to them, but the rest of their desserts are housemade. I got the coffee set which was just 100 yen more than the coffee and included a dessert. I chose three chocolates, matcha, earl grey and cappuccino. I will return to try their tiramisu and chocolate cake though.

Dessert case

Ruth’s cheese and proscuitto ham salad. A good size for one person, we thought. If you wanted to split it, you should probably order something else as well.

Stacey got a salmon carpaccio salad with rice. It came with a bread basket…and a side salad. Ha!

We sat very comfortably along the banquette.

A book shelf full of current Japanese magazines, Japanese style and design books, English children’s books and other books.

Take-home merchandise included Illy coffee for at home, orzo, wines and panettone.

The chic Moon Terrace (which opened mid August 2010) has a lot to offer otherwise including a concert hall, clothing shop, beauty salon, restaurants… even a dog run! Lots of parking and easy access. Highly recommended. It is within a stone’s throw of Kira Kira beach.

Moon Terrace Cafe, Agarizaki
Nishihara, near Marine Plaza Agarihama, southern Okinawa

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  1. on 30 Jan 2011 at 4:17 pm Ron

    we went to moon terrace today. some of the mags on that rack are like 7 years old.

  2. on 30 Jan 2011 at 4:18 pm Ron

    i also think we were making the wait staff nervous by taking so many damn pictures and video of the place