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Alright. With the car arriving last week, it has been a stellar week for food in the McZee household. I was able to finally get to the farmer’s markets/co ops, hit some of the harder to get to grocery stores and just generally live it up this week.

I went to two farmer’s markets, one very near to our home and one a bit further away. The one near our house had a little petting zoo with this super cute pot bellied pig.

GREENS! GREENS AS FAR AS THE EYE CAN SEE! And cheap, too. Salads at the regular grocery store are not inexpensive, and I do not like buying pre-prepared salads anyhow. You cannot know how excited I was running around this place. Local! Cheap! Fresh!

It was nice to buy more than two sprigs of herbs for $3. I got a huge bundle of cilantro for $1 and a bunch of dill for a buck too.

Not so much on the fruit side of things. I hope this improves when spring rolls around.

There was also a pretty decent fish market. These crabs are about $13?

The farmers markets will undoubtedly get a more detailed post, but that is just a general overview.

This week I successfully made and consumed several things. We ate at home a lot this week, mostly because of uncertainty over what would be open over the New Year holidays. Almost everything, it turns out, but this is the first week we have eaten more at home than out since leaving Canada.

Moussaka. This was my first time making it, EVER, so I was really pleased at how well it turned out. Almost exclusively composed of farmer’s market items, too, even the pork in it.

God, the best BLT I have had in ages. The bacon is not very smokey here, but it does the job. Trying to find some better stuff.

AME (rica) chips from Daiso, the 100 Yen/dollar store. I bought them out the last time I saw them, and I think I may never find them again. They are some of the best chips I have had period, let alone in Japan. LOL at the snack pack size though. Also at being made with “America Round Potato”

Then the crowning glory, fajitas on New Year’s Day. Fresh guac with the bundle of cilantro I got, sour cream, beef and fried onions and bell peppers. The tortillas are not cheap, but everything has trade offs. Trying to source cheaper ones online. Best meal of the year, IMO.

Things are looking up. Which is good. My mom is due to arrive in a week or so, and I do not want her to have to eat out all the time.

Happy New Year, guys. I hope yours started off as well as mine did.

2 Responses to “the week of wonder”

  1. on 04 Jan 2011 at 4:06 am Chris

    Happy New Years!

    I lvoe the home cooking adventures…and really, a BLT. That’s home in a nutshell.

  2. on 09 Jan 2011 at 6:06 pm Ron

    the high cost of food here and eating out in general has forced me to learn how to cook a ton of things at home. but i’m probably nowhere near as discerning when it comes to food items