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Keeping with the booze theme I seem to have going on lately, another bar post!

After having dinner one night in Naha, Mike and I were not quite ready to go home, so we went to check Bar Owl out.

This sleek, chic little bar is known for its fresh fruit cocktails. When we entered there was another couple enjoying their drinks, so we took some seats further down the counter, opposite a huge line up of various kinds of fruit.

Every fruit and vegetable under the sun was on the bar it seemed; goya, apples, chestnuts, dragonfruit, avocado, starfruit, lychees, passionfruit… unbelievable.

In addition to the bar, there are many little seating areas and cozy couches.

The bartender was extremely gracious and friendly even with the language barrier, and helped us decipher the seasonal menu, for which I was happy as I ended up ordering off of it. There were PAGES of cocktails, showing the type of glass they were served in and the base alcohol.

There was even a Cor Cor page…but we could not bring ourselves to try one of his versions. Perhaps we should, to get some ideas for this swill.

I ordered a kaki, or persimmon cocktail, as the fall fruit was just coming into season then. Mike ordered simply by naming a fruit; kiwi, and the bartender came up with a drink for him.

The drink making process was a bit long and involved, but was all classy showmanship as he peeled the fruits, mixed them and coaxed the flavours out of them. It is a bit like the bar Anthony Bourdain goes to in Tokyo in the tv show “No Reservations”, where he gets the fresh fruit cocktail that looks more like art than a drink.

There is no way to describe Bar Owl other than it being a bespoke bar. Everything can be made to order, and I have the feeling that if you asked for anything, the bartender would do his damnedest to provide it for you. The man is excited about fruit and excited about booze. What more can you ask for? I know I can never go back to watery, too frozen, tasteless cocktails again.

Hell, if he helps me enjoy Cor Cor, I will eat my hat.

Mike’s kiwi cocktail

My persimmon blueberry cinnamon mint cocktail. I know that sounds like a lot going on, but it was fantastic. It came with a beautiful sphere of ice that melted more evenly and slowly than regular ice without diluting the fabulously fruity cocktail.

Bar Owl was wonderful. We had to leave after one drink because we had to catch the last bus home to our neck of Okinawa, but hope to return one day.

The prices were high, but good value for what was offered, I think. There is also a bar charge, but you get a nice little bar snack of fresh apple and yogurt as you wait for your drink in return.

Bar Owl
Naha, Okinawa
沖縄県那覇市久茂地1-8-7 カネトモ産業ビル 2F
Near Kenchomae monorail station in Naha
19:30 – 02:00, Closed Sundays

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