November 2010

Food: Edmonton08 Nov 2010 09:20 am

Again into the time machine as we travel back to July in Edmonton. MRKT, a new option for lunch, had just opened in Edmonton. Since my dad happened to be in town and he is a man that truly loves the traditional lunch of soup and sandwich, we checked it out. At the time I told him “I will not have time to blog about this for atleast a few days…” he said “Just bank it.”

So, here we are, more than three months later…


I will be straight with you. This was eons ago in my memory and I do not remember details. I did not take notes, but I only remember that it was decent and exactly what Edmonton needed for many years downtown; a solid sandwich and soup place. Although I found SoulSoup’s soups a bit unbalanced (ie., salty) and sometimes even odd, I enjoyed that there was a place doing unusual, new every day soups. (SoulSoup’s creators are the brains behind MRKT)

The cool interior of MRKT, which is perched above Red Star and Halo on Jasper Avenue.

Braised beef sandwich and Mexican Black Bean soup

The sandwiches we got were good, but the soup was better. I found the sandwiches a bit plain considering the number of ingredients, but the soup was pretty delicious and not as salty as what I remembered at SoulSoup.

My dad was pleased, as was I. A delicious sandwich and hot soup on a cold rainy day in Edmonton…what more can you ask for? I am only sad we did not have time to visit Elm Cafe together before I left town.

10542 Jasper Ave NW

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