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Mike and I have the great fortune of sharing a friend named Kenny! Our relationship is somewhat long and complicated, but like most of my closest friends, I met him via the internet. A few years ago, he moved to Banff and has what might be described as a dream life. He lives 250m from his workplace, the Banff Centre, and is within an hours drive of some of the most scenic and outdoorsy places in Canada. He tries to partake in the lifestyle as much as possible as well, and loves to rockclimb, scramble and ski.

He was more than generous in making time in his busy schedule to host Mike and I for a few days before we left the country, and especially generous in dealing with my spazzy Kazzy moments as it got nearer to me leaving the country. Luckily by the time we hit Banff, I was already packed up and pretty much ready to go and was much calmer, so I could enjoy the company of Mike and Kenny! and the town of Banff.

We did a day hike spent in glorious thunderstorming beauty up Sentinel Pass, complete with a delicious snack, marmot sightings and Polaroid taking. Ravenous after that, we wanted burgers.

Big burgers.

Kenny! declared there was only one place to go: Eddie Burger Bar.

Build-your-own-burger menu. Toppings ranged from $0.50 to $1.50 and went beyond the normal span of TLM: tomato, lettuce, mayo.

“The Dude” shake. If you have to ask what was in it, you should just watch The Big Lebowski.

Cool bathroom wall interior.

Eddie has various patty choices and mind boggling toppings available for their burgers (including a gluten free option, I am told.) Luckily they have premade combos for those indecisive people in your group. They also try to make it easier by providing a tick box style ordering form, but that also cranks the price up pretty quickly as it is easy to spot something you want on the burger and tick the box, overwhelming your burger and your bill.

The burgers were substantial. It is pretty hard to find fault with a burger you built, but they got the part they were most directly involved in right: the patty was juicy and not charred to a crisp or a mealy mass. I cannot recall if any of us got any weird topping combos, but I think we were all happy with our creations.

We also got a few alcoholic shakes. My only complaint is that they went down too easy. They were thinned by the two ounces of booze, and were so tasty I feel like it was gone in three sucks on the straw. Not super awesome when you are paying Vegas prices for them ($11) but it WAS a special occasion. I think they could have been tempered out by adding some more ice cream to thicken them, personally.

We got side orders of chips, skinny fries and sweet potato fries. The chips were far and away the favourites. I really like Eddie’s; sassy service, and they take a pretty simple concept and make it a delicious no brainer. They also support local suppliers, which is pretty nice. I notice they have an online ordering system. Has anyone tried it? It would be pretty amazing to have someone send in an order from a smart phone while driving back to Banff after a day on a mountain.

Eddie’s is the perfect indulgence following a day skiing, hiking, paddling or … just sitting at the hot springs, I guess. Whatever turns your crank while spending time in the Bow Valley. And you really should do that if you live in Alberta.

Eddie Burger Bar
137 Banff Avenue (on Caribou Street just off Banff Avenue, around the corner from the Maple Leaf Grill)
open 11:30 am – 2:30 am

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  1. on 11 Nov 2010 at 9:46 pm kelly

    How coincidental that I would have this auto posted to publish the same day I had a burger here in Okinawa at a place called JET City Burgers.

    It was good, but it was no Eddie burger. 🙁