Food: Edmonton and Food: Home Cookin'09 Nov 2010 08:30 am

I have the great fortune of having a father who is extremely talented at BBQ. He has spent much of the last two decades grilling and smoking and basting, and shows no signs of slowing, regardless of which country he ends up living in. He knows of BBQ suppliers in Bangkok and the best places to get wood chips up and down the west coast of North America. I think his skills are safe, even if he does not have Mike and I to scarf down and pretend to critique his delicious dinners.

He (alongside my mom) was very generous in hosting an informal going away BBQ for me and some family friends one last time before I left in July. My mom did the pies, and my dad did the drinks, meat and other little touches.

It was a bitter sweet way to say good bye to the city. Thanks to the friends who were able to attend at the last minute. The food was excellent, but the company really made it special.

I started the last day at the downtown Farmer’s Market. I planned on making a video of it, but… former colleague, my wedding shooter and friend Ryan Jackson recently did a better version than I could have ever hoped to do.

Pretty awesome vid, huh?

I promised to send this photo to Andreas of Greens, Eggs and Ham… and now I finally can. It kind of looks like he is eating a sandwich from Elm Cafe, non?

Okay enough reminiscing. It’s business time.

My dad, at my request, made one of my favourites… smoked brisket. He does excellent ribs and flank steak, but the 12 hour + smoked brisket is really amazing.

He always makes sure to sketch the lie of the land, or the meat grain, so he knows where to cut and how. Note the fat cap.

In case you are in Edmonton and want to know where he gets his meat, he finally settled on Sunterra on the southside. He complains they still do not leave enough fat on it for him, though. One of the great mysteries of Edmonton is why so-called beef country does not have excellent butchers available all over. They are available, just hard to find.

Also note the margaritas. His are killer. In a good way.

Roz and Dan load up.

Cast iron pan cornbread. Crispy, creamy, soft and buttery. Perfect.

Home made beans, probably his best yet, cole slaw and home made bread AND cornbread.

Key Lime pie. I once offended my dad by telling him I thought the key lime pie from Cactus Club Cafe rivalled or maybe even bettered his. In any case, it is a good substitute for when he is not in Canada, which is quite often these days.

Perfect lawn, perfect food, perfect people, perfect day.

Matt and Mike have a post dinner snooze.

On the way to Banff (and onwards to Japan) the next day, Mike and I had brisket sandwiches. Effing perfect.

2 Responses to “One last BBQ in Edmonton”

  1. on 10 Nov 2010 at 12:31 am The Pig

    I had fourths. :-\

    The best of all the BBQs in my opinion.

  2. on 11 Nov 2010 at 4:17 am Chris

    OMG! How awesome. I wish I could scratch and sniff my monitor.