Food and Food: Edmonton04 Nov 2010 07:50 am

So we are taking a little time machine trip back to July when I still lived in Edmonton. I had been spending a lot of my days packing at that time, and was visiting the Starbucks nearest my house…a lot. One night I went to the nearby Mac’s instead for a change and saw they had a new milkshake machine.

The concept was so simple, I could not believe no one had thought of it before. It is a freezer with frozen drinks in it, and an automated machine that blends your chosen drink to a desired consistency and turns it out to you after a few seconds of blending. I was so hooked I was kind of glad to be leaving the country to get away from the calorie packed drinks.

The flavours were pretty decent; vanilla, chocolate and something fruity. The chocolate shake totally reminded me of an old school malted drink, which is awesome because they also offer a genuine malted drink. It must be pretty good if just the chocolate was malty. Additionally, there are frozen cappuccinos and smoothies available as well. The cappuccino did not really do it for me – it was too much like, well, frozen coffee. I thought it would be more of an ice creamy treat, so it was my mistake to buy one.

All the drinks are $2.99.

Pick out a drink from the freezer, peel back the foil lid, load it in the machine and pick the consistency you want the shake to be: extra thick, regular and less thick. I went for thick initially because I love thick shakes, but it was a bit too thick for my tastes. Regular is actually pretty good for sucking up through a straw. Go for extra thick if you want to give it time to melt and soften before drinking it.

The machine popping out the drink.

After disappearing into the machine for a bit and a scale to show you how close your drink is to being done, it pops out all blended. You put a lid and straw in it, pay, then drink.

The shakes are not bad, pretty rich and creamy. They are a bit icey and crystally, but convenient and a lot cheaper than Cold Stone, and a bit cheaper and easier to get to¬† than what was my favourite shake place at that time: Wendy’s. I was concerned I might get someone else’s flavour in my drink, but that was not a concern it turned out. The machine rinses itself out so you just get your drinks flavour and no one elses. I also loved the robot aspect to the drink being made. Fun!

So while I am no longer able to indulge in this fun treat, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t…even if I hear winter is fast approaching in Edmonton.

3 Responses to “F’Real Milkshakes are for real good”

  1. on 04 Nov 2010 at 9:05 am Lael

    I’m sure Winter is fast approaching but today it’s supposed to get up to 16C. Nice!
    Part of me is loving it,part of me wants winter to hurry the eff up so we can get it over with already!

    We discovered those cool milkshake machines about 2 weeks after we moved here. WHat a neat invention! My daughter keeps begging me for more.And you can’t beat the price.

  2. on 17 Jun 2012 at 9:51 am Anne

    I just experienced my first f’real chocolate milkshake. Awesome and does taste like real ice cream. Reasonably priced! It was great on this very hot day.

  3. on 19 Sep 2012 at 1:24 am Forest

    How can I get this machine in china.