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oroku soba, naha

So have you established that noodles might be my favourite thing to eat this month? It is not the only thing I eat, but I think I could be happy if I could only eat it.

In the continuing search for excellent soba and ramen in the city, Mike and I hit up Denbee Ramen shop. Conveniently, it is not far from a pretty awesome store called Manga Souko, so we went for sustenance after shopping just before the restaurant shut down for the night and just before we shut down due to hunger.

Although at first I feared the vending machine order system, I have now embraced it. For one you can take as long as you like to figure it out and for two, it is kind of fun to punch and see what you get. At Denbee, however, there were lots of photos on the wall to help guide our choice and we ended up with some delicious bowls.

denbee soba, oroku, naha

The dreaded machine. Also adding to the pressure was the fact that we arrived about 5 minutes before closing time. But the list of items available was not too long and the photos on the wall were helpful. The proprietor/cook was also very kind and friendly, so we did not feel too rushed.

denbee soba, oroku, naha

Of course we got some gyoza.

denbee soba, oroku, naha

As we sat waiting for our soup to come up, a woman sitting down the bar from us got a bowl with an egg in it. Mike said “I should have gotten that one,” but his words were no sooner spoken than our bowls appeared. In his, a big old egg. He said he thought it might have been cooked in stock the flavour was so rich.

denbee soba, oroku, naha

I got a personal favourite, tsukemen, or cold noodles with hot broth and green onions. You dip the noodles into the broth.  The broth here is very porky, which is really common on Okinawa. It is also very salty. I think this was  broth make of pork stewed in awamaori (the popular local spirit) and soy for a few hours. The pork on Mike’s bowl was really tender and delicious.

I heard that this restaurant is particularly famous for a chilled tomato topped noodle dish, but that you have to arrive early in the day to get a bowl of it.

denbee soba, oroku, naha

Various other seasonings available, including spicy Awamori infused with peppers, an Okinawan favourite. It is called kōrēgūsu.

denbee soba, oroku, naha

The noodle station. I love watching the chef pull out baskets of steaming noodles and dunk others in, hitting the timer and move as if he has four arms.

denbee soba, oroku, naha

The long wooden bar we sat at.

Denbee Ramen is pretty good, and pretty cheap.

Denbee Ramen
closed Wednesdays
open 11:30-15:00 and 19:00-23:00 Monday to Friday
11:30-21:00 Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.
From Oroku monorail station, head west away from JUSCO, towards Akamine station. The noodle shop is on the north side of the street.

** Note, while reading some forum posts about this restaurant, it seems as of October 17 2010 the shop may be closed for a little bit, possibly permanantly. I will try to return soon to see what is up.

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  1. on 23 Oct 2010 at 4:52 am The Celiac Husband

    Love the cooking station.

  2. on 24 Oct 2010 at 11:55 pm Roz

    Hey Kel! Looks great! I’m just wondering if you’ve been able to get my emails I sent re: dan’s dad?