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fro yo, naha

My first month on Okinawa, I had an ice cream everyday. Sometimes, more than one. Dealing with stress and heat is not fun, and trying new weird ice creams helped alleviate both problems. Of course, it adds to a new problem, but that is what running is for!

Anyhow, it is easy to say that I love ice cream.

Yogurtland is a new-ish ice cream place on Kokusai Dori, a sproutling from the California chain. Like pinkberry (and it`s bigger sister, Korean chain Red Mango) and the multitude of knockoffs both inspired, it is a pour your own frozen yogurt and mix-in toppings place, where you pay by weight. A fro yo buffet, if you will. I had been dying to try it for some time, and Mike and I finally gave it a whirl.

Although I never went to any such places in Edmonton, I was pretty excited to try Yogurtland. I think the best thing about Yogurtland is the Japanese twist on things. There are Japanese flavours in both the frozen yogurt and toppings.

It is a really pretty store; bright colours, shiny surfaces and modern furniture.

yogurtland, naha

Yuzu is a Japanese citrus, a sort of cross between yellow grapefruit and sweet orange. Vanilla with salt is delicious, but not really something I would crave. Mike liked it. There were also other tropical flavours like coconut and pineapple, and more classics like coffee, matcha and chocolate.

There are 16 flavours at any given time, and you can swirl them together in pairs if you like.

yogurtland, naha

yogurtland, naha

yogurtland, naha

Toppings included fresh mango, dragonfruit, guava and other fruits as well as coconut chunks, coffee jelly, azuki beans, tapioca and mochi.

yogurtland, naha

yogurtland, naha

Of course, chocolate syrups to drizzle on top.

yogurtland, naha

More toppings. There are also lots of candies like gummies,  and crunchy cookies ranging from Okinawan chinsukou (lard cookies, basically) to Oreos. It is a good mix of Japanese and western treats.

yogurtland, naha

Yes, there is frozen yogurt hiding in there.

While the concoction was pretty freaking delicious, there are two main complaints I had. One was that the container was HUGE. I kind of feel like I would prefer a smaller cup to put the yogurt into. In the big one, it gets lost under toppings. Of course, maybe that is part of their plan, since they charge by weight.

The other complaint is that it pretty much started to melt right away due to the heat. Oh well. My suggestion is to scope out the flavours and toppings beforehand, make your plan then carry out the combining, stat.

At about 600 Yen for a cup and a half of frozen yogurt and a healthy heaping of toppings, I thought it was fairly priced for an uncommon treat. The people watching from the cafe bar overlooking Kokusai Dori was pretty awesome too.

Two locations: Kokusai Dori in Naha and American Village in Chatan
Naha location open 10am to midnight everyday
Chatan location open 11am to 11pm everyday

Naha Map :: American Village Map

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    Chocolate syrup or chocolate source? You’re not the only one making mistakes!