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I am always in the mood for soba. I love the chewy glutinous nature of fresh noodles. I love the slurping. I love the savouriness. They are addictive. I heard about this restaurant on a Japanese blog, and decided to give it a whirl with Mike.
This tiny place only opened in March 2009, so it is pretty new. It is open for a few hours for lunch and then again for dinner, closes whenever they sell out of noodles.
With this in mind, we headed there shortly after their evening service started at 6:30pm…and met a line up of people about 8 deep waiting to get into the 15 person restaurant.

Non assuming entrance

Sanchikujyu Soba is known for its from scratch noodles. They proudly display the machine the use for making them in the window, even.

I love eating at the counter at restaurants, where you can watch the kitchen.

Oh, shiiiiit.

The major challenge was trying to decipher the menu. Often at some restaurants there is a picture menu or some sort of menu heading we can use to help us figure out what we are getting, but not in this case. To make matters worse, they were taking orders as people waited in line, so there was little time for bullshit and hemming and hawing or looking stuff up in our useless food book. It was kind of like a Soba Nazi restaurant.

As the waiter crept closer and closer to us, all I could figure out were the size of the noodle servings. So I got a medium size and Mike got the larger size and just pointed and nodded when the waiter asked us a question.

Turned out we got mori soba – cold noodles with a hot broth. The broth was very thick and pork based (therefore, Okinawa style), with pieces of fish cake in it as well as chunks of pork, green onion and nori seaweed.

It was stellar. We slurped down our noodles at the small counter, downed some pickles and then got the hell out. Soba noodle bars are not the place for dawdlers.
Sanchikujyu Soba
Makabi district in Naha, Okinawa
Closed: Tuesdays and Wednesdays
Open: 1130-1500, 1830-2100 (or until they sell out)
This is a small restaurant just to the east of the Lawson.

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