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Everyday I eat atleast two things I could blog about, but until I get regular internet it is just the stand out things that will receive a blog post. Calcium Cafe is one of those places.

Last week I attended a speech competition for work, and was lucky enough to be provided lunch with some teachers and the student bravely taking part in the competition. We took some winding roads from our town to a nearby one and ended up at Calcium Cafe near a town called Yaese.

As one of my coworkers said: it is a vacation! This little place was part French farmhouse, part eastern seaboard beach cottage. The decor was really awesome, and well done. I really luxuriated in the whitewashed wooden furniture, large tables and cutesy vintage decorations.

Beautiful cupboard full of plates and bowls that mismatched…yet matched.

But the food was also really awesome. Most people in Japan get lunch from 12 to 1pm on the nose, so lunch places get PACKED. We arrived shortly before lunchhour, but as the place filled up, I knew it had to be something special. With restaurants three deep on some streets choices abound, so when there is a line up or large crowd, it is guaranteed you will have a good meal.

It was buffet style featuring mainly Japanese dishes, with various Okinawan favourites, some Chinese, some sushi, and French and Japanese desserts. I really enjoyed the goya champuru (a stir fried dish very popular on Okinawa with bittermelon, bits of spam – in this case, real ham – and bean sprouts) and some steamed eggplant dish. It was the favourite of everyone at my table actually.

Mini meatloaves!

My spread; roasted kabocha pumpkin, goya champuru, breaded fish, spring rolls, seaweed salad, braised pork

Then, dessert. I had to try their famous soft serve ice cream – it lived up to the hype. It was creamy, rich and deep in vanilla flavour. It also came in an adorable little shot glass. I also had a serving of what I think was homemade yogurt. Most yogurt in Japan is thin and a bit flavourless, but this was thick and tangy, which lead me to believe it was house made. There were azuki beans, tiny mochi and blueberries to put in the yogurt, but I enjoyed it plain which I think is the true test of yogurt.

My mini dollop of ice cream

At 1,200 Yen (I think!) the lunch buffet was a great treat for my stomach and the decor a wonderful break from the ordinary. I would like to return soon – as soon as I feel confident making reservations for lunch that is!

Calcium Cafe
Yaese, south Okinawa
Lunch 1,200 Yen

4 Responses to “calcium cafe, yaese”

  1. on 24 Sep 2010 at 8:27 pm A Canadian Foodie

    I have some students in my foods classes who used Spam when cooking their ethnic fried rice for the class. I was blown away – but they told me it is a very common “meat” throughout many Asian countries. I still hated it in her rice dish. I am so surprised at how much this restaurant looks like one you would find at home…. except the menu, of course!
    Bitter melon I still have to taste.

  2. on 24 Sep 2010 at 10:42 pm The Celiac Husband

    Can’t wait for regular internet at your house.

    Amazing country.

  3. on 14 Aug 2011 at 5:13 pm Lyndsie

    I enjoyed reading about this place and would like to go there. Do you have directions? Thank you

  4. on 14 Aug 2011 at 5:19 pm kelly

    I do Lyndsie. If you click on “map” at the bottom of the post, it will show you where it is. Or click here

    Get off at the Haebaru minami exit of the expressway (next exit after toll gates) and go south on the 507. Turn left/east on the 131, and follow it until it intersects the 17. Turn left/north onto the 17 and you will see it on the right.

    Sorry I do not have more exact sight markers along the way. I use my GPS on my phone a lot to get around here, so I rarely remember absolute directions.