General26 Jul 2010 07:46 pm

I had to drop off  “the guys” at an extremely helpful and kind acquaintance’s home the other day. She’s got a number of young tarantulas and scorpions and is going to harbour our friends for a while. Considering tarantulas live decades, this is no small task.

So, thank you to local photographer and very wonderful woman and insect sitter Jennylynn Fields of SPYD Photography.

Here are some photos from one of the last feedings.

Unnamed scorpion of Tityus falconensis species.

“Feathers” the salmon pink birdeater

“Truckee” the green bottle blue

Yes, I cried after I dropped them off.

One Response to “goodbye friends”

  1. on 07 Aug 2010 at 9:58 am A Canadian Foodie

    You seriously cried? How does one become attached to a scorpion? Really I want to know.