Food and Travels16 Jun 2010 11:15 pm

Because I’m moving to Japan, we thought we’d check out the Kasugai Japanese Gardens in Kelowna. Kelowna’s sister city is Kasugai, and the garden was built to commemorate that. They’re really beautiful and peaceful.

Along with obese koi, there was a cute turtle swimming around!

We stopped at a new retro antique and furniture store, Object Orange. They had some cool stuff in there that I might have bought if I wasn’t trying to downsize my life and belongings.

Ogopogo made an appearance.

I stopped by a local chain of coffeeshops called Bean Scene for a London Fog. There was a musician playing there that I honestly thought was CD at first, he was so on.

I love this sign so much.

Wings, nachos and draft Okanagan Springs 1516 at Tonics Pub.

The nachos were okay. Great cheese coverage on top, but serious lack on the interior, as per usual with ‘chos.

These spicy honey wings were some of the best wings I’ve ever had. Right mix of meaty and cartilaginous with not too much sauce, and super fresh. Plus they gave me about 16 wings for what was supposed to be 12.

We went for ice cream sundaes one night at the Okanagan Fudge and Sundae Company. Two scoops of ice cream, two toppings and a big dollop of whip. I found the whole thing a bit saccharine and could barely finish. Kids would love it. We ate it on the water front.

I hope someone has asked for a fudge and ice cream sundae. Sick, right?

Another sunny day in Kelowna

The flight to and from Kelowna is well worth the $300 for the drive time it saves and the beautiful view of the Rockies.

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