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I really like where my brother lives in Kelowna. He’s got a great patio and lives within three minutes walk time to downtown Kelowna and among some interesting little shops that are popping up.

Although Kelowna is kind of an odd place with trashy transients clash with the tourists, blue hairs and yoga moms downtown and big box stores and chain restaurants may be more popular than in Edmonton, it’s got an artsy independent vibe you can’t deny, and some excellent ideas and people.

Chai Baba is one of those ideas. I was quick to write it off after my first visit last year. I strolled in when the owners were in, and I’ve never felt so unwelcome in a shop in quite some time. I wasn’t acknowledged, there was all sorts of nasty gossip going on and it was like some sort of chai clique. However, I was pleased to walk by on this last visit and find the shop empty. It was hot and sunny and I had planned on getting an iced drink from Bean Scene, but Chai Baba was four steps closer and I wanted to give it another chance.

The shop is bright and tidy, and features all sorts of loose teas as well as feature drinks. They also feature tea workshops on tea tastings and how to make matcha in a tea ceremony. I enjoyed the matcha I had last time I was in, but wanted something colder this trip.

Free samples of Rooibos Provence and Raspberry tea sat by the door

Drinks are on chalkboards

Cute clerk makes my iced tea

The clerk (tea barista?) told me they make any of their drinks iced, so I got the Yin Yang Ting Tang ($4.50). It was a lemonade based drink and had lavender syrup, ginger tea and raspberry syrup. It was tart and refreshing.

Next time I’m in Kelowna I want to try the Caramel Apple; creme caramel rooibos tea with vanilla and apple juice. Yum!

Chai Baba Tea House
1289 Ellis Street
Kelowna, British Columbia

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  1. on 23 Aug 2010 at 9:52 pm Tina

    Thanks for giving Chai Baba a second chance! I’m sad you had a negative experience on your 1st visit. Makes me wonder what year you 1st stumbled upon the little shop. Anyway, the chai baba club is non-exclusive and everybody is welcome, anytime! Down with gossip!! Thanks for the great review and make sure to introduce yourself next time you’re in! <3 Chai Baba 🙂