Travels13 Apr 2010 08:40 am

we picked a perfect day to ski. a holiday monday, i thought the resort would be overrun with calgarians. instead we faced mild weather, a sunny morning and little wind. there was even some fresh spring snow.

connor was a good sport, waiting for us at turns, trying to go slow and only taking us down a black diamond by accident once.

the terrifying pommel lift. you “sat” (or in my case, clenched with your thighs) on a tiny blue platter that pulled you up the mountain from in between your legs. i was limping for three days after skiing.

The view of the front and backside from the summit is unbelievable, especially when the light is right.

click the photo for a larger panoramic. this was taken on the front side of louise. the bad thing about being an inexperienced skiier is that you can get distracted by the view once, and then you’re on your ass or off into the trees somewhere.

mid afternoon snack. the boys got freshly bbq’d burgers. i had lip balm, chips, a soda and giant rocket candy.


however it’s easy to ignore the height of the chair lift by chatting and looking at the mountains around you

any arrested development fans read this?

connor and madlen’s front hall is occupied by skis of all kinds.

this is connor and madlen’s view from their cul-de-sac in lake louise. i know. i wouldn’t want to live there either.

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