Food: Las Vegas20 Mar 2010 09:50 am

braised miyazaki-gyu strip loin with asian pear and peach.

After his second tour of Las Vegas, Charlie Trotter has once again withdrawn from the food scene there, closing Restaurant and Bar Charlie (via Eating Las Vegas’ John Curtas. If you need more “main stream media” confirmation, NYTimes is reporting the same.)

A swirl of rumours had surrounded the restaurant in recent weeks, with massive changes to the dining hours (Bar Charlie was only open Thursdays and Fridays, recently) and hints that the kitchen team was being broken up and dispersed to other Trotter restaurants.

This saddens me greatly, but I’m extremely happy I had the pleasure of eating there. All the best to Chef Nagahara and his team. I know they’ll go on to great things.

Now, all I have left is sweet sweet memories:

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