Food14 Mar 2010 06:05 pm

credit: chris govias photography
that’s a fibonacci spiral if i ever saw one

If it isn’t already apparent, I have a real affinity for eight-legged creatures. Spiders. Octopi. Scorpions. I am not sure where it began, to be honest. I do find them intimidating – especially when watching an octopus watch me while diving – but they are also infinitely interesting to me as well.

A fellow coworker from a job I once held moved to London a few years ago, and became a freelance photographer and designer. He also does the photography for his girlfriend Leah’s blog, Curiosity and the Cupcake. As you might suspect London is ripe with food blogging opportunities. But they are busy folk, and do not blog as frequently as I wish they would.

However, quality over quantity. They recently picked up an octopus from the fishmonger, and set off on replicating a recipe Leah had once indulged in while in Italy, while Chris snapped photos. Photographing food is a real challenge, but Chris is a specialist in the field and did an excellent job.

I thought it was a lovely post and wanted to share: How to make an octopus.

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  1. on 16 Mar 2010 at 3:24 pm Leah

    Thanks for the shout out Kelly! I’m delighted someone reads C&C!