Food and Food: Las Vegas and Travels12 Mar 2010 10:49 pm

I realize that I probably expend more time and effort researching, eating at and blogging about Las Vegas restaurants than Edmonton ones. I hope this doesn’t irritate my readers. I just simply find Edmonton’s food scene uninspiring and tiresome lately, even with an influx of many new restaurants into the city. But that’s okay. It just keeps me eating at home more often and saving more money for my next trip to Vegas. (Which is in May, by the way.)

This most recent trip was four nights in early March, and with a group of friends and acquaintances. We flew in with our friend Evan, and hit the ground running. Within 40 minutes of landing we were en route to our first restaurant, and the next morning chowing down at M&M Soul Food cafe.

I fluked into finding the place online when I was jonesing for fried chicken one night, and thought I might research places to eat it in Las Vegas for the forth coming trip.

My tweet about the experience read:

Besides the obvious reasons of green cards and a job, the reason I don’t live in Las Vegas is because I would have out of control cholesterol levels and would never stop eating.

Anyhow, our breakfast was amazing. Seven of us crammed into a corner booth and I think we managed to order most everything on the breakfast menu by the end of the meal.

Chicken and waffles. (cinnamony, light and fluffy waffles, that is)
Fried okra.
Ham steak.
Corn cakes. (Don’t get pancakes. Get corn cakes.)
Cornbeef hash.
Muddy water. (sweet tea and lemonade)
Macaroni & cheese.

We were animals.

It’s simple diner food, but it’s done well, and it hit the spot. Their fried chicken is juicy, with a light crispy cornflake batter. Some people think that Tim Horton’s coffee is the bomb, and that it is so good because it is brewed again and again in the same percolators and pots.

I think this is why M&M’s fried foods are so good. The same oil and fryers, used again and again. My fried okra was fresh okra, not frozen. The mac and cheese wasn’t anything too special, but it was creamy and had that special “cheezy” tang you can only get with some kinds of “cheez” sauce. My corn cakes were the real stars of my sides, however. Unfortunately I dug into them last, and they had gotten a bit soggy and steamy by them. Eat them first, is my recommendation.

Of what I tried of the other plates, the waffles were to my liking. Perfect oblong grids, cinnamon flecked, at once crispy and fluffy. The sausage was fried, and a bit greasy, but flavourful and a bit peppery.

Service was splendid. A wrong order was righted right away, and coffee cups were kept full. Our waitress inquired: “Y’all aren’t from around here, are ya?” No ma’am. But we’d like to be.

The bill came to about $100 for all of us, and powered us up for a day of shopping. And now I don’t have to dream about getting my hands on non-Colonel fried chicken every night.

M&M Soul Food Cafe
3923 West Charleston Boulevard (at Valley View)
Las Vegas
Open 7-8pm
Breakfast served til 11am.

7 Responses to “M & M Soul Food, Las Vegas”

  1. on 13 Mar 2010 at 9:16 am H.Peter

    Las Vegas. Seven people. Greasy breakfast.
    A movie script?
    Or the perfect size entourage for?

  2. on 13 Mar 2010 at 1:17 pm The Groom

    Don’t worry H. Peter, we did not perform any casino heists during this trip, no matter what you read in the papers.

  3. on 18 Mar 2010 at 3:55 pm A Canadian Foodie

    Ah- ha!
    Congratulations ARE in order!!!!
    Big hugs to you both!

  4. on 19 Mar 2010 at 8:01 pm H.Peter

    And now, thanks to your post, I had lunch there.

  5. on 21 Mar 2010 at 10:38 am Cre'shea ( Mike's Cousin)

    I lived in Vegas for about 4 years, attending the University there. If you go back I have a few places to suggest for prime eating. Lotus of Siam, the best Thai food I have EVER had….it’s nicely located by the Green Door (swingers club) off of Paradise and Sahara. Also a restaurant by the name of Lindo Michoachan, best mexican food I have ever enjoyed.

  6. on 21 Mar 2010 at 10:56 am Kelly

    Hey Cre’shea…we actually visited Lotus of Siam as well. I’ve got a post lined up to be posted in a few days. It was excellent.

  7. on 14 Jun 2010 at 11:51 pm Kenia Spee

    Charleston is the greatest, ain’t it?