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This started as a list of ridiculously expensive items in Las Vegas, but that seemed too boring after a time, since the pricey shit all features gold leaf. So here is a mix of otherworldly expensive items and just plain ridiculous “Only in Vegas” edible items.

10. Decadence D’Or


This cupcake (which is a bit non-traditional as you can see) is all over food and Vegas blogs this week. Coincidentally, the shop selling it, Sweet Surrender in Palazzo, just opened (*cough*PRstunt*cough*)

At $750 this dessert costs about the same as 5 nights at the Palazzo in Las Vegas, or 600 macarons from Duchess.

So, I hear you asking: what the hell?

Well, if you want the rigamarole, here it is. It’s made of a special Palmira Single Estate chocolate, from the Porcelana cocoa bean. (This chocolate is available in Calgary at Choklat). There’s a little Tahitian Gold vanilla “caviar” from the Vanilla tahitensis plant, topped with exclusive Louis XIII de Remy Martin Cognac, with some gold flakes hand placed on top. As opposed to a robot doing it, I suppose. I’d pay more if a parrot did it though. They should look into that.

Interesting fact: search “Tahitian Gold vanilla caviar” and nearly ever Google hit is about this damned cupcake. You know what vanilla caviar actually is? It’s the seeds of the vanilla bean. That’s right, the seeds (sorry, “caviar”), are those things you have probably scraped out yourself if you’ve used a vanilla bean. The press release says that it is “the world’s most labour intensive” fruit. This is because any type of vanilla fruit is crazy and takes a long time to ripen and is hard to pollinate.

9. Off the menu deals



These aren’t so much ridiculous as awesome. At Mr Lucky’s 24-7 Cafe at the Hard Rock, they have two off menu specials. One is the Gambler’s Special. It’s an 8 oz. steak, shrimp and mashed potatoes for $7.77, available all day and all night. The other is $9.99, available 4pm to 4am and it is all you can eat prime rib, with baked potato and veggies, plus a soup or salad. But you know the buffet drill to fill up on the good stuff, right? Meat and King crab legs only! Screw the veg!

8. Golden Opulence Sundae


This gilded pile of poop is the $1000 Golden Opulence Sundae, sold by Serendipity 3 at Caesar’s Palace. It is perhaps best known for being incredibly overpriced, but also for its cameo in an episode of 30 Rock.

I guess I could give a run down of what is in this thing like the other shit I posted about, but it bores the hell out of me. Basically this has gold foil and caviar, and you get to keep this crappy classy goblet it comes in. Serendipity 3 also came out with a $25,000 “Frrrozen Haute Chocolate”. Google it, okay?

7. 6 pound NASCAR Cafe burrito bomb

credit: VegasRex

credit: VegasRex

Okay, so I have blogged about this before. It’s a 6 lb. burrito available at the NASCAR Cafe at the Sahara hotel. I think the most ridiculous thing about it though is that they give you two free tickets to the Sahara roller coaster if you eat the whole thing. SERIOUSLY? Maybe it’s just good marketing. I know after I yak, the first thing I want to do is eat again. (For real!)

Better get this $19.95 deal before the Sahara shuts down though. They’ve recently shuttered two of their three hotel room towers, and closed their buffet. Maybe because this thing has been feeding entire families since its launch.

6.  Ménage a Trois

$3000 cocktail

This is the Ménage a Trois, available at Tryst at the Wynn. In addition to gold syrup and high end liquors such as Hennessy Ellipse cognac, Cristal rose champagne and a special Grand Marnier, you also get a souvenir. This time, not a tacky glass, but something sure to come in handy: a gold straw with a diamond embedded in it.

Well, handy if it was the 80s, and you knew Stevie Nicks.

5. Krug Tasting Menu

krug guy savoy vegas

This past summer, as people were losing their houses and jobs all over the world, Guy Savoy in Las Vegas opened their Krug Room. The specially decorated room (the first in North America) pairs a six course seasonal tasting menu with six Krug champagnes from 1985 through 1995.

I’ll admit that the room looks a bit like a boardroom in this photo, but is actually warm and cozy in person. I guess it is the gastronomic version of a fashionista gaining access to Vogue’s wardrobe stores…or something like that. The meal will set you back $750. But that’s not the worst part. There is a minimum of six people. So it’s really $4500. Awesome for a small wedding party if you ask me…

Moving on:

4. UFO (Unidentifed Frozen Object)


credit: EatingLasVegas

RM Seafood does a 4x4x2 ice cream challenge: a plate of 16 kinds of ice cream in a grid. Diners are encouraged to guess what is what and get the dessert for free if they get them correct. Flavours of the past have included lobster roe, rhubarb and white pepper, as well as more pedestrian mango and strawberry.

3. 80 oz. margarita guitar drink



This thing makes me shudder. It is also so awesome, I must post both a photo and a video of it. I think of sweet syrupy “margaritas” and salmonella, at the same time. I hope they all make it home with the tourist who purchased them, where they are whipped out at big parties. I don’t even know how much they are: any one know? My guess is $50, based on how much the long yards of margaritas are.

2. 777 Burger

777 burger

This the monsterous 777 Burger from Le Burger Brasserie at Paris Las Vegas. It’s a Kobe Beef and Maine Lobster Burger, topped with caramelized onions, Brie, crispy prosciutto and 100-year aged balsamic vinegar, served with a bottle of vintage Rose Dom Perignon champagne. The cost? $777 of course. No word if it brings you any luck at the table.

1. Dinner in the Sky

This looks 'shopped. I can tell by the pixels and from seeing quite a few 'shops in my time

This looks 'shopped. I can tell by the pixels and from seeing quite a few 'shops in my time.

In recent years I have had probably five truly terrible meals. I’m being quite broad here though: usually the food was bad, but sometimes the company was bad, sometimes the restaurant was gimmicky, sometimes generous dollop of all three with a dash of bad service.

Dinner in the Sky just seems like a bad idea. Kind of like those cheesy “dark” restaurants from a few years ago. I had to admit I’ve never eaten DINNER IN THE SKY! though, so maybe I’m mistaken. The premise is such: you’re on a platform in the sky (ahem, sorry, Sky Table) 170 feet in the air, eating “fine food” from “Sky Chefs.” Is this an episode of the g.d. Jetsons? At least the view will be amazing.

In addition to barely finding anyone online who mentioned the food itself, it also concerns me the Dinner in the Sky site spends more time talking about what happens before and after the meal:

Each guest receives the VIP treatment. We offer pick up and drop off at your hotel, a red carpet reception, complimentary photography and access to our Sky Lounge, a fun and festive place to party down or just relax before and after your flight!

Bottoms up! Or…maybe not.

Honourable Mention:

Couture lollipops from Sugar Factory at the Mirage

there's a sucker born every minute

there's a sucker born every minute

A piece of candy to match my outfit? Man, it’s almost like I’m a raver again. The colour-coordinated lolly (seen here, the Kim Kardashian special) with matching, interchangeable bedazzled handle, and protective enclosure (to save it for your future daughter, I guess) runs $25. Getting it stuck in your hair while puking at the club? Priceless.

3 Responses to “ten ridiculous vegas edibles”

  1. on 19 Dec 2009 at 9:19 am H.Peter

    I miss Las Vegas when I read stories like this.

    #5: “Awesome for a small wedding party if you ask me…”
    If that is your plan for your own, I may have to crash the party….

  2. on 19 Dec 2009 at 12:50 pm kelly

    H.Peter: Considering how much caterers demand here at home, the private room experience at Guy Savoy is seeming like a more and more awesome deal every day. I wonder if they’d let me sabre a bottle?

  3. on 21 Dec 2009 at 5:49 pm H.Peter

    One good night at Poker = Wedding Dinner for 12 at Guy Savoy.

    Our own (small) wedding party was paid for by a high risk basketball parlay.

    Only in Vegas…