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Our second night in Calgary, we visited Janice Beaton’s FARM. FARM is a casual restaurant serving mostly local meats and cheeses. The food is simple, but also simply well done. The decision on where to eat was easily made when we saw it was free corkage Mondays. We just so happened to have a bottle of champagne to drink.

FARM is cozy, outfitted with chandeliers and tea-cupped candles, rustic sideboards and tables, and mismatched, yet quaint cutlery. It’s farm-chic, I suppose. It’s kind of like eating at a friend’s house.

We started with a charcuterie board of three meats and three cheeses. They sell many of the cheese at their on site deli, but unfortunately they do not sell their housemade pâté. We would have purchased some of their rillettes which were meaty and tender. The mousse-like liverwurst from Old Country Sausage was very good as well.

farm, calgary

farm, calgary

farm, calgary

farm, calgary

Grilled cheese with tomato relish, pickles and slaw.

We each ordered a main dish, with a small dish of macaroni and cheese to share. The housemade pickles were crisp, but a little sweet for my tastes. I found the macaroni and cheese slightly thin in the sauce, but I couldn’t stop eating it.

farm, calgary

farm, calgary

farm, calgary

Although comparable in flavour to Salt Tasting Room in Vancouver, prices were slightly higher, and portions slightly smaller. Such is Calgary! However, I will definitely return to FARM…especially for their brunch.

dave jenn poster

Dave & Jenn were commissioned to create the Christmas vignette at Livingstone & Cavell Extraordinary Toys in Kensington. They made this large poster on vellum, featuring some of the wind-up toys for sale in the shop. They had just picked the poster up when we arrived in Calgary, so we did not get to see the final Christmas display.


I managed to stop in at the new Holt Renfrew in downtown Calgary. Three floors of madness! I was really digging the Yves Saint Laurent shoes on the right.

The store reminds me of Barney’s, actually. There are many displays and curious to peer at all over if you are just a tourist like me.

Before we left, we ate at Delicious Thai in Kensington. They had Chang beer!

The dishes were well spiced and comforting on a cold night. The duck curry we got had rambutan floating around in it, cutting through the heat of the chilis. This restaurant was excellent, and is a definite eat again on the next visit.

Although it may be a bit of time before we are able to see Dave & Jenn again (they are busy folks!) I look forward to it.

2 Responses to “December in Calgary: champagne + charcuterie”

  1. on 11 Dec 2009 at 10:09 pm Isabelle

    I have read a few reviews about FARM and it is definitely a place I would love to check out if I ever get to Calgary. Nice photos – I love their simple food presentation.

  2. on 13 Dec 2009 at 4:51 pm Roz

    Mmmmmm that grilled cheese sandwhich looks amazing and good choice with Thai food – yummy!!!