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It has been far too long since I visited Calgary. Nearly a year, in fact.

I’m a big fan of the city. Friends Dave + Jenn live in a great area, Kensington, and love to indulge my eating out when we visit, although we do stay in and cook from time to time. Last visit, Jenn made the richest, most savoury oxtail soup. Bravo!

monogrammed cake

This trip, they made their famous decadent, super-deluxe flourless chocolate cake for me. Three ingredients: butter, chocolate and eggs. Also, embracing a trend appearing in cakes at the moment: monograms! (They ARE artists, after all) It was a weekend of cakes, as I also brought some miniatures from Duchess Bake Shop.

las tortillas calgary

las tortillas calgary

We returned to Las Tortillas, where I bought four kilos of tortillas. They also offer tacos now, three kinds on weekdays (after noon) and four on weekends. At $3 a pop, they weren’t inexpensive, but they were delicious. Pork, beef and chicken were sampled, and the men liked the beef best. Jenn and I just got pork, but also curious Inca Kola. It’s produced by Coca Cola, but is very different. It’s a yellowish colour and tastes of cream soda. Very strange indeed. The grocery is also better stocked now, with selections of masa flour and various canned beans and chiles.

savour, calgary

In Inglewood, the snow started to fall. We visited Savour, a small gourmet food and kitchenware shop.

savour, calgary

savour, calgary

Pollens, sugars and salts. There were lots of speciality items, including several kinds of popcorn.

choklat, calgary
Bonus: next door is Choklat. They’re a tiny chocolate purveyor who make their own chocolate. This may seem odd, but consider that many large chocolatiers import their cocoa. At Choklat, they select the cocoa beans and make everything themselves. I grabbed a few bars of chocolate, including the rare Porcelana. They also make boxed truffles to order, while you wait.

choklat, calgary
choklat, calgary

Six kinds of drinking chocolate? I had to indulge. The snow was coming down, and although the chocolate river smell of Choklat kind of turned my stomach. Seriously, it smelled like this looked:

wonka river

The drinking chocolate was spicy, smooth and rich. It was almost syrupy it was so thick. I got the Orient Express with six spices, topped with a swirl of whipped cream and sprinkle of cinnamon.

choklat, calgary

The spoon comes in handy!

The last stop was The Cookbook Company. This speciality food store offers a wide selection of cookbooks, ingredients and wine but also arrange food tours, catering and cooking classes at their on site kitchen. I’d only been at their small outpost at the Currie Barracks Farmers Market, and was overwhelmed with their store.

cookbook company, calgary

Not enough chocolate at Choklat? There’s more at Cookbook Co., including Prestat, Vosges, and Valrhona.

cookbook company, calgary

Many kinds of olive oils and vinegars.

cookbook company, calgary

The prices were extremely high ($3-5 higher on similar products at grocery stores or even the Italian Centre), but I found many things that have been hard to find in Alberta thus far. Not a place to do your everyday shopping, but an easy one stop shop for special things.

Up next, FARM, Thai food and shopping downtown Calgary.

3 Responses to “Sojourn to Calgary, pt. 1.”

  1. on 06 Dec 2009 at 11:58 pm Roz

    Kel! I love that you and Mike are so adventurous and passionate about food!!! One of these days I would love to come on these food ventures with you!!!

  2. on 10 Dec 2009 at 7:51 am A Canadian Foodie

    Hi, Kelly!
    The Cookbook Company Cooks is my favourite and MUST stop shop in Calgary. I have been going there for 20 years, and can always count on finding something I have never heard of, or cannot find in Edmonton (darn!) Brulee, is a fantastic bakery downstairs from the frontdoor that is also a fun stop before I leave, and if you love wine (I am not into it) Vino out the back is superb… you probably know all of this. I have gone to Calgary and stayed for the weekend with a girl friend a few times just to take some of the cooking classes at Cookbook Company Cooks. I found them reasonable at the time and SO worth it. I haven’t been to Inglewood yet. Have heard of it, and it is on my list…I love visiting Lina’s, too. Tell me why you bought so many tortillas? I may have missed the why? What is it about these that you love?
    As always, enjoy the read – and you should have tried on those shoes!

  3. on 11 Dec 2009 at 10:16 pm Isabelle

    Great post about food stuff in Calgary – really makes me want to go there! The cookbook store looks like heaven. Also, when I was a kid I visited Peru and I remember Inka Cola – it’s everywhere there.