Food and Food: Home Cookin'21 Nov 2009 06:31 pm

I got an email at work a few weeks back, asking for volunteer bakers for our upcoming bake sale to raise money for the United Way. In previous years, I have been too busy doing schoolwork to ever take part in such a thing. I mean, I guess I could make my standard chocolate chip cookies, but when I bake, I like to go hard.

And so I did.

Wanting everything to be fresh, beautiful and delicious, I spent a week buying ingredients, prepping items and packaging them. It culminated in a session that went until 3:37am (That was when I Tweeted that I was going to bed, anyhow). The end products were many, although I regret not making more of some things.

Some things were really easy to make more of, like brownies and Nanaimo bars. If you’re making them already, it’s easy just to double up the recipe. In the end I made:

  • chai shortbread (Last minute addition when I had pounds of butter and icing sugar left over. They were really light, and not too sweet.)
  • Two pans of VFBs: Very Fudgy Brownies, some with pecans
  • A dozen brownie “cupcakes” with espresso buttercream (These were an afterthought, and could have been better in my opinion)

I made a mix of single sell items and a few “combo” packs of mixed items. I was told to price high which made me anxious nothing would sell, but what the hell; I used quality ingredients and it was for charity. I didn’t stick around to see what sold best, so not sure what to do for next year.


The kitchen was a god damned mess for most of the night.


The brownie “cupcakes” were pretty dense and nauseatingly rich. I hope anyone who bought one split it up and shared before they went into diabetic shock. I could barely bring myself to taste anything I baked I was so sick of sweet treats by the time I was done.

Immediately after dropping off the baking at work, I drove to meet my dad for savoury phở at King Noodle. It’s kind of a curse to not want to eat much of my baking, but probably a good thing, too.



I didn’t want to use Ziplocs and had some vellum and cardstock left over from another project, so gussied these up a bit.  My mom, who had just been in Las Vegas and Phoenix for 10 days just before the sale, brought back some beautiful treat packaging for me. There is so much more available in the US for that kind of stuff. I put some Nanaimo bars in little boxes, cookies and brownies in bags and mixed items in boxes.

A co-workers vanilla raspberry cupcakes. I regret not buying anything myself from the sale!

The sale was in the atrium at work, where it gets quite warm. So I brought an ice tray for the very delicate melty Nanaimo bars.

Some more of the goods brought in. There was so much variety!

The bake sale raised about $400 for the United Way. I probably won’t be able to bake for another few weeks, but will be back on the horse just in time for Christmas.

2 Responses to “Bake Sale”

  1. on 22 Nov 2009 at 7:06 pm A Canadian Foodie

    That looks like the atrium in the big blue building! After 29 years, I know it well… Good for you, Kelly. A very generous gift and I am sure anyone who bought your treats thought they got one heck of a great deal… A raspberry on top of anything will get me anytime! YUM!

  2. on 22 Nov 2009 at 10:30 pm habanerogal

    Those cupcakes look fantastic too bad I didn’t know I would have stocked up for treats for my office as well.