General and work (kinda)16 Nov 2009 06:12 pm

It’s not often I blog about work. I’m kind of shy about it, and I do not often do work tangible enough to share with people.

I have been busy this month trying on a new job for size: video editing. I’ve done some edits in the past, but this one was special. It was a bit long and complicated, and I was telling a story I did not know much about going into it. So I did what I do best: researched. I read about Afghanistan, the war there and Canadian soldiers.

Finally, over one and a half hours of footage was whittled down to 15 minutes, then again down to 9. It’s long, but I hope I have highlighted Warrant Officer William MacDonald’s story well, and tried to keep it moving. He’s an eloquent speaker and incredibly modest about his achievements. I’m proud of this video (It even features my voice in a cameo appearance!) and I feel more educated on the war in Afghanistan.

You can read more about W.O. MacDonald and his experiences in Afghanistan in Ryan Cormier’s story, here.

Additionally, as I do not feel the content often fits my own personal blog, I sometimes moonlight as a blogger for my colleague and friend Ben Gelinas’ blog, Button Mash. Last week I wrote about the best and worst hair in video games: Game character hair requires much Dippity Do

My favourite part was ‘shopping hair dos onto the characters. You’ll have to visit the blog to see them, though. 

One Response to “Remembrance Day”

  1. on 18 Nov 2009 at 5:43 pm Mark

    I love the hair post.

    BTW, isn’t Professor Layton the greatest? If someone is going to nose about in other peoples’ business, he may as well be a complete gentleman about it. Plus, he’s always so calm.

    “Egad! A madman is coming after us with a knife, professor!”

    “Good eye, Luke. Say, that reminds me of a puzzle.”

    (Stab, stab, stab)