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Tonight, Mike and I brought our friend Connor to Zaika for the buffet. Earlier this week I brought my girlfriend Jolene to Zaika as well. Safe to say we like this place. (Read about the first visit, where we ordered off the menu.)

Seems many people do, though. The place was packed. It was a Friday night, and there was a birthday party, people watching the Oilers game on televisions in the bar and many buffet visitors.

The buffet is excellent, and worth the trip. Juicy tandoori chicken, wonderful lentil curries, fish, vegetables, desserts and naan cooked to order, brought to your table. The buffet items rotate daily. This and more for $17. Get Richard Helm’s take in Saturday’s Journal.

summerside asian market diwali tent

When we arrived at Zaika, there was a large tent in the parking lot, next to the Summerside Asian Market. One half of the husband/wife team that owns Zaika, Joti, told us that the kitchen gets their produce from Summerside Asian Market. S.A.M is run by a woman named Ashu and her husband…and Ashu is Joti’s sister.

I visited the market a while back, and enjoyed their selection of South Asian spices and dry goods, fresh dates and other produce and array of Indian sweets.

diwali sweets edmonton summerside

We wandered into the tent and were bowled over by the tray after tray of brightly coloured treats. Turns out, this was specially set up for Diwali, the festival of lights. There were boxes which were priced by weight, $6.95 for a mixed selection. There were several varieties of barfi, gulab jamun, jalebi, and various other mithai, or Indian desserts. And by several I mean dozens. On top of that, free pakora and samosas.

summerside asian market diwali sweets

summerside asian market diwali sweets

summerside asian market diwali sweets

summerside asian market diwali sweets

There were Diwali themed boxes available in many sizes for easy transport.

Indian sweets are incredibly rich and sweet, but also very addictive. Common flavours include coconut, pistachio, rose, almond and spices like cardamom and cloves. We came out with three boxes full of treats. I’m bringing some into work tomorrow, but the rest will be enjoyed for the next week.

While the tent is coming down tonight, Summerside Asian Market will still be selling their huge selection of sweets Saturday, October 17, inside the store.

You can see some gorgeous photos of Zaika and Summerside Asian Market on the Shandro Photo blog. Seriously, I mean gorgeous.

Zaika Indian Bistro & Bar
2303 Ellwood Drive SW, Ellerslie Crossroads
780 462 8722

Summerside Asian Market (next door to Zaika)
2307 Ellwood Drive SW, Ellerslie Crossroads
780 485 6116

One Response to “Diwali Sweets”

  1. on 20 Oct 2009 at 10:41 pm Michael Shandro

    Wow, thanks for the props on the pictures. Ashu did her Summerside Asian Market up so nicely and Zaika is a seriously beautiful restaurant.

    I’m sorry that we missed Diwali. I was going to come by but I am happy to see the pictures that you posted! I love that handmade sweet cheese with the metallic foil on it. I didn’t know at first that you can eat the foil. I could get totally fat on that stuff.