Food and Food: Home Cookin'12 Oct 2009 06:16 pm

When I went to Seattle earlier in the summer, I bought a lot of food. Spices, beer, masa harina corn flour…

And there was more.

In any case, one of the more interesting things I bought were fresh marshmallows. After trying the ones Recchiuti makes earlier in the year, I was hankering for more. They’re just so expensive! Luckily, Whole Foods had a variety to choose from.

There were the Whole Foods house brand. $5.99 US for 12, so $0.49 each.

whole foods marshmallows

There were also Vancouver’s own Butter Baked Goods marshmallows, which have been causing a stir on the west coast. These were significantly more in price at $7.95 US for 10, $0.80 each. The thing I like about Whole Foods is that they try to pull products from local companies, and I was eager to try these.

butter baked goods marshmallows

These come in many other flavours, including coconut, matcha, mint, raspberry and coffee. The packaging is quite pretty, non?

I wanted to give both marshmallows a fair chance, although I suspected (and hoped) the significantly more expensive mallows would be much better. However, as soon as I took them out of the package, the differences were already evident.

marshmallow comparison


Whole Foods on the left, Butter on the right (in both photos). While the Whole Foods marshmallow is larger, it also appeared moister, denser and stickier than its friend. The Whole Foods marshmallows had no clear expiration date, but the Butter ones said to use within two weeks.

Upon tasting, the differences were evident as well. The Butter marshmallow had a lighter texture, with a more subtle flavour. While I enjoyed the Whole Foods one more than a regular store bought marshmallow (which are dry and tasteless), I still think the Butter was the clear winner. But, we had to be sure, so we did the oven test.

smore comparison

Again, Whole Foods on the left, Butter on the right. The Whole Foods marshmallow bubbled and melted before it started caramelizing. The Butter one gently swelled, caramelized on top and stayed fluffy.

smore comparison

The melting made things awkward when it came time to eat. Whole Foods got slippery and did not retain much marshmallow texture. Butter was a bit easier to handle and eat.

I have been waiting for cold weather to hit to try the marshmallows over a fire or in hot chocolate, so seems like now is finally the time as we already have snow in Edmonton.

So, although Butter sells it’s marshmallows for double the price (although the store sells them for $6.00 CDN a bag) I think they are worth the cost. I only wish a place here sold them, or any homemade marshmallows. I think it’s time for another home cooking experiment…

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