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Mike is making a pâté this week, and for that, you need a terrine pan. Which brings me to one of the perils of aging no one tells you about.

Grey hair, okay. To be expected.
Eyes not as sharp? Sure.
Middle aged spread from eating too much? Yeah, it happens.
Collecting numerous pieces of cooking equipment specialized for one use only? My mom never mentioned that one.

We set off for Bosch Kitchen Centre on the southside. The clerk initially did not know what a terrine pan was, so we ended up in the springform pan section. These are not ideal, but will get the job done. (Terrine pans are normally earthen ware, rectangularly shaped.)

springform pan

springform pan

The tempting box photo of an unnamed dessert.

And so we contemplated. The “La Forme Quadro non-stick pan” was on sale for a whopping $70, which horrified me. I’ve been using hand me downs and gifted items for baking for years, and have not bought many new things. “For $70 this pan better clean itself,” I said to Mike.

On the box was a tantalizing image of a light fluffy souffle or cake of some kind. Mike said he hoped the recipe was inside the box. I recalled something I had said years earlier to a friend about box recipes: “Boxes are where recipes go to die.” I’m not a fan of “free” recipes. In my experience they aren’t that great.

However, we purchased the pan, and upon opening discovered there was indeed a recipe book, printed in six (!) languages. There, near the end: “MIX IT UP! Cheesecake” was stated as the recipe on the box.

I made a pumpkin loaf with cream cheese cinnamon icing first (from that delectable Vietnamese cinnamon from Pike Place Market in Seattle), then tried the cheesecake recipe. I modified it to be lemon.

springform pan

Newest kitchen tools: hammer and springform. (Okay, the hammer was for another use, but it came in handy for…)

springform pan

…Crushing graham crackers!

Turns out, it was the first “from the box” recipe I didn’t hate. I guess $70 does buy you something these days.

It came out a little flatter than I expected (probably from not cooling it long enough), but the flavour is great, and the pan is so easy to use!


(click to zoom in on recipe)

The best thing?

The pan DOES clean itself. Almost.

One Response to “Lemony Cheesecake”

  1. on 10 Oct 2009 at 9:16 pm Roz

    lol to the hammer! that’s awesome! I’m making a pumpkin peanut butter cheesecake as we speak for thanksgiving dinner tomorrow! happy thanksgiving kel!