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So, if you live in Alberta, you know we’re in a full blown Indian summer, with very hot days, which is unusual. The day we chose to go up and through Cory Pass, it was over 30 degrees Celsius. Insane for September, but I’m so happy about it. It provided two weeks of outdoor opportunity, extended my summer which was very busy otherwise.

Cory Pass trail is a real challenge, and it was not easy getting up and over. But, I feel really accomplished, and happy that my summer included some hiking. I hope to do more next year.

moon over canmore

Up early on Wednesday. Too early; the sky was still mauve and pink like it gets on early mornings in the mountains.

cory pass

Mike, Connor and Madlen cruise up the mountain. I was dying back behind! I kept making excuses about “taking photos.” Somewhat comically, because of the bright and harsh sun, I did not take many photos.

cory pass

Connor and his huge sausage.

No, seriously. We got him a kilo of Hungarian sausage from a new favourite deli in Edmonton: Budapest Deli. They also sell at the downtown City Center farmer’s market on Saturdays. We stopped and had a light lunch at midday in the middle of the pass. I was feeling nauseous from the heat, so I didn’t eat much.

cory pass

Through the pass! Looking back: we came through the middle part. Mount Louis is looming above.  Maybe one day I’ll return to rock climb it.

We saw some neat things this trip, a white-tailed deer, pika, a lynx hunting beside the highway, and a half eaten rabbit. It’s head and forelegs were gone!

Okay, that was wasn’t really neat. Mostly creepy.

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