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Suckers for punishment, Mike and I again headed to the mountains to hike last week. This time, one of the more challenging hikes in the area: Cory Pass, and with two friends, Connor and Madlen (they live in Lake Louise). Add to that some amazing (but brutal) hot weather, and it was a tiring but exhilarating day.

From start to finish, through the 6 hour, 14 km hike with 980m of elevation all we were talking about were beers at The Grizzly Paw at the end of the day. Okay, we talked about sausages too. Don’t judge us!

We made our way over, and immediately ordered beers, which are brewed on the property. It’s the only brewery in the Rockies, I believe.

I got the eight-glass sampler tray, and ordered a few full-sized favourites later. Even if you have gotten the sampler before, it’s fun to drink and features seasonal brews. Highly recommended.

You work your way from light to dark, ending with the really hoppy Indian Pale Ale in the centre.

I think the 3 oz samples were of Powder Hound Pilsner, Grumpy Bear honey wheat, Beaver Tail raspberry, Big Head nut brown, Rutting Elk red, India pale ale (indra island), Moose Knuckle stout (made with locally roasted and ground coffee, Beamers) and one I can’t recall.

The stout and raspberry were particularly good, and normally I wrinkle my nose at both. The tray was $12 or so.

grizzly paw summer 2009 beers

Beer Board

Collectively, I think we tried every beer on the menu, except for the Wit and Oak Aged Barley Wine.

baja burger at grizzly paw

My Baja burger, with guacamole and salsa. Salsa was woefully under represented, but the mountain of fries soothed my anger. The burger was chunky, meaty, but could have been a tad bit juicier, if you ask me.

The Paw features a wonderful patio with mountain views, microbrews and in house brewed sodas. There is also a wide range of pub food. It’s a relaxed place that’s pretty much Canmore in a nutshell. Great for post-skiing or hiking relaxation.

beer stout ice cream float grizzly paw

Beer float

Something you MUST get if you are adventurous (and have room) is the signature Moose Knuckle Stout float. I know, beer and ice cream, what the hell? Trust me, this is a great combination. Coffee flavoured hearty stout, with just enough carbonation to ignite the chocolate ice cream into foaming. It’s rich, decadent and just a little bit strange. Our server was really excited when we ordered it. She said not many people go for it.

The Grizzly Paw also has an on-site store that sells merchandise, their beer and sodas as well as hot sauces from the restaurant. It’s a great place to stop on your trip through the Rockies.

The Grizzly Paw Brewery and Restaurant
622 Main Street
Canmore, Alberta

2 Responses to “Grizzly Paw Brewery, Canmore”

  1. on 21 Sep 2009 at 8:12 pm Troy

    I ate there when we were in Canmore about 3 summers ago. I don’t remember what I had – likely wings. I recall it being pretty good though.

  2. on 26 Feb 2010 at 5:09 pm Jordan

    Hey there! I actually work at the Paw, and I wanted to let you know that you did in fact try the Wit! It’s on your taster set, the seasonal light 🙂 Hope you enjoyed it, great review, and I hope you come back for some more of our tasty beers some time!