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big vodka

In Soviet Russia, vodka drinks YOU!

I saw this at the Edmonton airport. The 1.5L Grey Goose looks positively miniscule next to the 3 and 6L Belvedere bottles. I though the sixer might be good for use at a wedding.

It was really cloudy as my plane descended into Kelowna.  It’s a one hour flight, but a 9 hour drive from Edmonton to Kelowna.

My brother and his partner live a few blocks from one of the greatest things in Kelowna, the B.C. Fruit Packers. This is the plant where a lot of the fruit gets shipped and processed for Sun-Rype. So in addition to fruits of many varieties, there are new kinds of juices you don’t see on supermarket shelves and fruit bars, etc.

We loaded up on inexpensive peaches, apples, nectarines and carrots.

The fruit is packed in these huge bins stamped with the variety of fruit and the packer’s name. We saw them all through BC and Washington state. I was kind of sad to see many packers are switching to plastic, however.

A flat of 35 peaches was under $40.

One of the best things about my brother’s place is his great patio. It’s got lots of seating, plants and a fountain.

It also has Bruce and his amazing Weber BBQ. Kelowna has this great mini-chain of fresh markets called T’Bones. They do fresh by the piece meats, but also pre-prepared, ready for the grill veggies of every variety. It’s like M&M Meats, only fresh, and on steroids (in a good way.)

Tory and my mom made mini apple pies one night. My brother is trying to master the art of pie dough making, so he was learning from a pro. Like me and my tamales, he had also watching videos on YouTube, but it just wasn’t the same as hands-on instruction.

While the pies baked, we drank cider and opened up the new toy we got for the three cats. Jacob really liked it.


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