Food and Food: Edmonton and General25 Aug 2009 03:03 pm

I walked to work today, partly to save bus fare and partly to enjoy the weather. The saving money idea didn’t get me far though, as Who Cares? was having a sale and I netted a pair of shoes for $50, and then got a hankering for sushi.

I stopped in to get some toro and other selections from Sankyu. I don’t care much for their bowls and popular bento boxes, but their toro is the best in downtown Edmonton. The chef commented that he didn’t normally see people getting six pieces of it, but I love tuna belly.

sankyu sushi

toro from sankyu

14 piece mixed sushi with 4 piece of toro, $20.42.

Additionally, I saw that Healthfare has put up a sign in the window of the old Adecco building at 102 Street and Jasper Avenue. Fun fact; just before I worked at the newspaper, I interviewed for a job in the cash office at the new H&M store. Their temporary office was at Adecco. That seems so long ago!

healthfare downtown edmonton

I look forward to trying Healthfare sometime soon. Their healthy “diet friendly” line up has been piquing the interest of Edmontonians for months. I think the downtown location will be very popular if the lines at the Sunterra salad bar are any indication.

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  1. on 04 Sep 2009 at 11:04 pm Roz

    YUMMY! I haven’t ever tried Sankyu! we’ll have to go there sometime!!!! yummy!!!! and yes I’m all about hte healthfare!