Travels24 Aug 2009 09:05 pm

For dinner one night, my brother and mom and I went to a place called Zoopa! for dinner. If you have ever had the pleasure of eating at Sweet Tomatoes, this place is a low rent, mid-level quality version of it.

Both are buffet style healthy eating. They are driven by salad heavy buffets, many soup selections, with some health(ier) pasta and bread options, as well as dessert. I personally prefer Sweet Tomatoes, but Zoopa! did the trick.

I spotted a guy that may or may not have been Arrested Development’s Jeffrey Tambor (GOB Sr.) That is, if Tambor lived in Seattle, had an Asian wife and looked like he just came from hiking.

tambor in seattle

Also nearby, a new contender for best (worst?) pho restaurant name:

what the fa?

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