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ham cheese baguette

It’s no secret that I enjoy the bread Cobs makes. For a chain, they make damned fine bread products. Their pane di casa italian rolls are crispy, light and airy with a hint of chew, and I’m a fan of the new Turkish rolls, with the same consistency of the pane di casa, but a generous smothering of olive oil and seasonings on top.

When I visited the other morning, one of the bakers came barreling out of the back. “Behind!” he shouted to the front clerk, before loading a wire rack laden with French baguettes into the display. He then rang a cowbell hanging above, and yelled “FRENCH BAGGGGUUUETTES!” while the other bakers cheered in the back. Turns out the French baguette is a brand new item at Cobs. It was amazing and it immediately brought me back to the first time my Mom brought my brother and I to continental Europe in the early 1990s.

We were living in England at the time, and caught the ferry over to Bruges, in Belgium for a day trip. The food had a huge influence on me, and I still remember every meal we ate that day. There was a serving of spaghetti bolognese that could have sunk a ship (and indeed sunk me, I was ill after overeating it) and the crispiest most delicious pizza ever eaten at an outdoor cafe on the main square of the town. But the best was a last minute picnic of fresh baguettes and some cheese and meats we found at a small market. God, was it ever delicious.

After I finished day dreaming, I naturally had to get a baguette and desired to fill it with ham and cheese. I swung by the Italian Center and loaded up on meats and cheeses. I wasn’t home two minutes when I was tearing into the meats, cutting cheddar and assembling a delicious rosemary ham and cheese baguette. So simple, so delicious.

3 Responses to “Afternoon Snack: Ham + Cheese Baguette”

  1. on 08 Aug 2009 at 8:01 pm H.Peter

    One of the best things in the world.
    Ham & Cheese baguette.

  2. on 09 Aug 2009 at 11:51 am Deli Meat Snob

    I loved this post and these sandwiches, but while you talked at length about the bread you barely mentioned the ham. The rosemary ham from the Italian Centre is one of my favourite deli hams. I might even pick it ahead of a ham steak for making a ham and cheese.

  3. on 09 Aug 2009 at 12:27 pm Kelly

    Bread has always been and will always be my first love. This is why you and I make a great love sandwich, Deli Meat Snob.