Food28 Jul 2009 05:25 pm

As it happens, I have been looking for a new set of measuring cups for a while. The ones I have are fine, but the stylist in me wants new cups for photo ops when I do some blog-baking. Some beautiful copper ones would be lovely.

However, I stumbled across this trend on a blog today: matryoshka measuring cups! I’m so in love.

This set is from a company called Fred. They are made of plastic and are $11.99, but are not available to purchase until September.
matryoshka cups

This other set is from the super trendy and expensive Anthropologie. I can’t help feeling it’s an Urban Outfitters for yuppies, but I do like their store styling and some of their items. Plus, they have a new store in Edmonton! Made of a more durable stone and painted, the set costs a bit more, at $31.43 Canadian.

anthropologie matryoshka cups

2 Responses to “Muhmuh-matryoshka!”

  1. on 04 Aug 2009 at 6:23 pm Kevin Kossowan

    You’re bloody kidding me. You have NO idea how much you just bailed me out of never knowing what to get for my mother-in-law for a gift. She’s obsessed with nesting dolls. And obsessed with kitchen gadgetry. And I KNOW she doesn’t know about these, or she’d own them immediately. THANK YOU.

  2. on 05 Aug 2009 at 12:01 am Kelly

    I love it when worlds collide and you can surprise someone with a gift they did not know existed, combining two great loves. I hope she enjoys them!