Food04 Jul 2009 12:38 am

A few new drinks in the past few weeks.


Melbourn Brothers Cherry Beer.

Although I have had cherry flavoured beer in the past (Bellevue Kriek) this brew was a bit different. This British beer had a lot of cherry added to it, so much so I found it overwhelming actually. It was a bit tart, and very carbonated. Just sort of like cherry juice with some beer mixed in. I’m not sure I’d try it again.

My old friend Fentimans.

Ginger beer is a real treat. I remember the first time I had it when we moved to England. We were in a pub in a city called Chelmsford, and I took my first sip, expecting ginger ale. How surprised I was to taste the sharp ginger and fizz in my nose. Fentimans is a more refined ginger beer. Still spicy and zingy, but a definite fresh ginger flavour and not too sweet, either. I would definitely drink it again. Thanks to Dave and Jenn for sending this with Mike home from Calgary. It’s always sold out at my Sobeys!

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