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I “attended” Athabasca University (it’s a distance learning program, so it was all correspondence) for a few years after some time at the University of Alberta. It allowed me to finish my schoolwork while working, and was a pretty good program overall. I can only recommend it to the extremely motivated however. I certainly procrastinated, but eventually got all my coursework done.

Convocation was in Athabasca, a town about an hour and a half north of Edmonton, so I did a day trip with Mike and my mom to attend.

The day began early, and I missed breakfast. Luckily there was a catered meal at the convocation site in Athabasca. You can’t honestly expect me to attend an event and not blog about the food, can you?!


My meal looks so yellow here, even after colour correction! It’s actually pretty true to life because the meal WAS very yellow. Cheddar potato bake, eggs benedict with spinach sauce, fruit, a mango/cranberry muffin and some very delicious maple ham.

The ham was the highlight. That’s just about all I have to say about that.



It isn’t until I see a photo that I realize how ridiculous Mike and I look together. I’m wearing heels, by the way.


Mom and me.


Athabasca University doesn’t use caps, they use these medieval-style hoods. Zenke-Witch indeed.

meta photo

How’s this for meta? My mom taking a photo of an Athabasca University photographer taking a photo of Mike taking a Polaroid of me holding Polaroids of myself. I wonder if the shot will end up on their website or on their calendar.




They served dinner at the convocation (pasta, with some awesome garlic bread) but we wanted to check out this neat looking Burger Bar before we left Athabasca. A somewhat grumpy and impatient teen served us, and despite best intentions of maybe trying a burger, I left with a milkshake (Blackberry, $2.25). It was alright, sort of like Burger Barons, not overly flavoured, but good consistency.

The day went much longer than any of us thought, but it was nice to attend and add a concrete experience to the end of my schooling. I even shed a tear as they gave me my hood up on stage.

4 Responses to “Gonna Convocate!”

  1. on 16 Jun 2009 at 10:52 am Don't Put it in Your Mouth

    That muffin was so awful that after taking a bite and spitting it out, I took another one because I couldn’t believe it was so bad. I also spat that one out.

  2. on 18 Jun 2009 at 11:12 am kristy

    You looked gorgeous! Congrats Kel!!! My fav is the hoody pic, it;s so you!

    I think you and mike look great together, height difference and all! 🙂

    Congrats again, I may try athabasca distance ed, yet…

  3. on 19 Jun 2009 at 6:00 am Elaine

    Congratulations Kelly. I am happy to hear that you are also engaged, I wish you and Mike many happy years together xo Elaine

  4. on 25 Jun 2009 at 8:57 am Rhea

    Woot Woot congrats Kel! Also, when I read that you’ve known Jayson for 12 years that freaked me out…only yesterday we were all on the ICQ. haha!