Food and Food: Edmonton17 May 2009 12:31 pm

Just two quick hits on some delicious desserts this past week.

Mike and I had a quick late night snack at Cactus Club Cafe earlier in the week. It’s reminiscent of a classier Moxies or Earls, with slightly better food. The key lime pie, however, was amazing. The server (who was knowledgeable and personable) said 160 limes go into one pie and that the whipped cream was hand whipped. The texture was not gelatinous, but creamy and smooth, with a nice crunch from the graham cracker crust. I would return just for this pie.

Cactus Club Cafe key lime pieCactus Club Cafe’s Key Lime Pie, $7.75
Yes, we both got a slice. We both love limes, but Mike probably loves them a bit more. This was proven in a lime eating contest he once participated in. My mouth puckers just at the memory of that.

Then, last night, instead of dinner we got gelato at DaCapo Caffe. It was just like I imagined living on my own would be when I was a kid. Ice cream for dinner!

This gelato is legendary in Edmonton. Antonio Bilotta first started making it at Leva, a cafe not far from DaCapo. When he sold Leva and moved into DaCapo, the gelato recipe and techniques followed, and may have gotten better.

I have to admit I’ve never had “real” Italian gelato from an actual Italy-based purveyor, but if it is better than Bilotto’s, I cannot even conceive of how good it must be. They tend to have a good mix of fruit and traditional flavours. Thankfully it was a bit later in the evening and the gelato case was nearly empty, making deciding on flavours easier.

DaCapo gelato

DaCapo gelato

DaCapo’s gelato, 2 scoops $5.50, 3 scoops $6.50
The server really piled on the gelato for Mike. In fact, he gave Mike such a large serving other patrons remarked at its size. He got mint, cinnamon and malaga (a variation of rum raisin). I had blackberry piled on Fior di Latte, a milk-based flavour. The texture was so creamy and delicious.

DaCapo also offers pizzas, sandwiches, salads, housemade granola, all kinds of espresso based drinks, wines and various unusual biscotti flavours as well. I heard the cafe has also recently acquired a new chef from France, who is busily creating pastries and cakes. I saw a few new creations in the cooler, including a decadent multilayer chocolate cake and a few tarts.

DaCapo is CASH ONLY.

One Response to “Delightful Desserts”

  1. on 23 May 2009 at 6:43 am H.Peter

    Cactus Club is on my list to visit. That key Lime Pie is a must fo rme.

    Gelato I like, but for me it is about the package. No doubt does Gelato taste excellent in Calgary or Edmonton, but when in Europe, it just tastes a tad better.
    It goes with the surroundings?