Food14 May 2009 10:07 am


Capturing food in photography is difficult. I really enjoy trying to do it, even if it’s not that great most times. It’s hard when you’re cooking and your hands are wet and food is flying and something is burning…but so much easier when things are plated and beautiful.

That is, if the lighting is good…

Anyhow, someone I know that does a good job photographing food is my friend C. He’s stationed in London at the moment and photographs the food on his girlfriend’s blog, Curiosity and the Cupcake. Another person is Max Wanger. Part of his contact sheet is seen above. You can see the rest of his portfolio here.

There are lots of tips and tricks floating around, but my main ones are using natural light when possible, and utilizing the macro setting on my camera. Then eating immediately, before it gets cold.

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