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night rallyPhoto by Ryan Jackson.

As I may have written before, I stumbled upon my current job by pure chance two years ago. I saw it listed in the newspaper one day. Naturally, this came a few days after my decision to quit all my jobs and focus on school. Look what that got me; a ten year degree turned into twelve.


Anyhow, my job is awesome. I still find myself thrilled to ride the elevator up in the mornings, and to interact with all the people there, deal with breaking (and slow) news days.

But the best part is constantly being inspired by my co-workers. Ryan Jackson is one; he’s our new(est) media/photog/tech guy extraordinaire. He has taught me how to make interactive panoramic photos and use Final Cut to edit videos among other things. He’s been at the Journal for slightly less time than I have been, and is our youngest photographer on staff.

But, I’m just sounding like a fan girl to hype this really cool project he did on a night rally race near Calgary. He’s the McGuyver of the office, and is always drilling/gluing/engineering something new. Check out the way he mounted a camera to the top of a car to record the rally. He’s totally into time lapses at the moment, and there is a super cool one in the works right now…

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