General05 May 2009 04:25 pm

April was pretty hellish, people. But it has come and gone and I’m better for it…I think. Still waiting to hear back to see if some marks made it to the registrars office in time for convocation assessment for this year’s ceremony, but I’m done my coursework. FOREVER.

It would seem that one of my favourite songstresses has also completed a degree. Sarah Slean just completed her music degree at the U of T!  She writes on April 23:

…glorious celestial voices rising together in heavenly chorus… I AM DONE! Last exam completed at 12pm today. Having resisted the urge to moon the Faculty of Music, I am officially, totally done! The proud owner of a university degree that took ten years to earn, bit by teeny bit! Hallelujah!

On that note, if you see happened to someone mooning the Bio Sci building at the U of A on the night of Thursday April 30… it wasn’t me.

One Response to “In good company”

  1. on 05 May 2009 at 7:44 pm Paras

    Mooning. Good idea. Not that I would do that to med sci.

    I’m done!!